Thank you for making Annual Meeting 2023 a huge success!

Find out more on the 23rd edition of the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting, an annual thought leadership forum featuring global energy and industry thought leaders


Addressing the vital role energy and broader industry plays in a constantly changing world, the need to balance the energy trilemma of affordability, sustainability, and security while maintaining momentum to tackle climate change, and achieve a net-zero future 

Two days of thought leadership

Event highlights

This year's Annual Meeting focussed on the key theme of Balance/Momentum, with a plenary session, which set the tone and provided insights from recognized thought leaders and policy experts around the changing landscape of the energy industry, as well as broader socio-political and socio-economic dynamics.

Leadership Fireside Chat with Vicki Hollub: Getting from Today to Net Zero

Panel discussion: Decarbonizing Industry

Panel discussion: The Role of Gas in the Energy Transition