Druck's Next Generation aerospace pressure sensor has landed

The NG3000 is the next generation, aerospace pressure sensing platform from Druck. Leveraging over 50 years of innovation in the aerospace industry, the NG3000 is a fully configured, COTS solution for commercial and military requirements.​

The full NG3000 series has been stringently tested and qualified to the latest RTCA D0-160G/MIL 810 levels to ensure performance in harsh environments. ​

This new product platform has been designed to fulfill a complete range of applications, commercial and military, performing in the harshest of environments including: engine, hydraulic actuation, Environmental control systems (ECS), Auxilliary power units (APU), test, and many more (including AAM).

Bespoke solutions

NG3000 Config Tool

The new NG3000 platform is fully a configured, COTS aerospace pressure sensing solution. It can be ordered through an online configurator tool, meaning customers can have an individual part code for repeat orders. 

Through our bespoke ordering tool, you can customise your NG3000 Aerospace pressure sensor to choose features including pressure and temperature range, pressure connector and even adding your own logo on the body tube. 

Configure your NG3000 in as little as 2 minutes today - NG3000 CONFIGURATOR TOOL

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