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Industry-leading in-line inspection technology

Our story began in the 1960s with the Magnetic Flux Leakage Tools. As Baker Hughes, we continue to invest in new technological solutions. Our tools and technology are driven by the belief that the best data & science leads to higher performance. Thus, our corrosion and metal loss solutions help pipeline operators meet the highest levels of safety. 

From the moment a pipeline is commissioned, it begins to deteriorate. No matter what cathodic protection system or coatings exist, or which product is in the pipeline, corrosion will eventually compromise pipe wall integrity.

Baker Hughes crack detection solutions help operators accurately detect pipeline defects, accurately, measure sizing & classification, determine the corrosion growth rate, and develop corrosion management solutions.

We provide a range of magnetic and ultrasonic inspection technologies that each offer unique advantages. As a result, your technology selection decision will align with your objectives and underlying threats.


  • MagneScan™
  • Corrosion growth assessment – RunCom™/R2R
  • Fitness-for-purpose (FFP)
  • ILI-based risk assessment
  • IMU bending strain assessment
  • Data integration and interacting threat assessments

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