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Process Analyzers & Flow solutions for CO2 and CCUS​


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CCUS involves the capture of CO2, generally from large point sources like power generation or industrial facilities that use either fossil fuels or biomass as fuel. If not being used on-site, the captured CO2 is compressed and transported by pipeline, ship, rail or truck to be used in a range of applications, or injected into deep geological formations such as depleted oil and gas reservoirs or saline aquifers.

Panametrics offers ultrasonic flow measurement solutions for CO2 injection into the storage reservoirs in dense phase, CO2 for pipeline transportation either in liquid or gas phase, liquid CO2 for shipping as well as the traditional other flow measurements related to the Energy industry. 

Traditionally, capacitance and piezoelectric technologies have been used to measure moisture in CO2 gas streams, but these types of sensors can deteriorate over time, if not implemented properly as they are directly exposed to the process. Panametrics' experience in moisture measurement includes aluminum oxide, polymer, capacitance, chilled mirror and laser based analyzers. Panametrics Aurora TDLAS hygrometer enables EOR and carbon sequestration facilities to monitor moisture content in real time with high precision and reliability.

Panametrics Solutions for Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage

Flare Flow Meters
Custody Transfer Flow Meters
Ultrasonic Inline Flow Meters
Clamp-on Flow Meters
Aurora TDLAS Moisture Analyzers

Flare Flow Meters

We have gained experience from some of the production fields with reservoirs containing high CO2 in the flared gas.


Custody Transfer Flow Meters

When you’re transferring CO ownership or when you need to report what has been sequestered in underground reservoirs for accounting purposes, you need to know you’re getting highly accurate, custody transfer-level flow measurements that meet the strict requirements of regional authorities. 


Our Sentinel high-accuracy ultrasonic flow meters deliver those high-accuracy measurements – even in the unstable conditions typical of pipelines – to reduce uncertainty and increase peace of mind in both liquid and dense phases.

Ultrasonic Inline Flow Meters

Process flow meters are integral to processes that contain liquids, gases or steam. Without the ability to monitor fluid flow, operators are often unable to control the throughput. Ultrasonic flow meters enable our customers to accurately measure the volume and velocity of various process fluids inclusive of CO2 in either gas, liquid or dense phase. 


Our broad portfolio of inline flow meters and readily available expertise gained over decades of challenging measurements enables you to optimize your processes and meet your environmental and performance goals.

Clamp-on Flow Meters

Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters measure fluid flow in many applications. By using sound waves to determine the transit time of a fluid, ultrasonic flow meters can accurately monitor the flow. 


Easy to install without process shutdown, these meters are accurate enough and versatile. Being mounted from outside the pipe, our clamp-on meters make installation and removal a breeze, enabling your team to work more efficiently, and spot check flow at virtually any section of your network.

Aurora TDLAS Moisture Analyzers

Panametrics Aurora TDLAS hygrometer enables EOR and carbon sequestration facilities to monitor moisture content in real time with high precision and reliability.

Benefits of ultrasonic flow measurement​

No drifting, no periodic calibration required​

No loss of process control, optimize efficiency, no downtime or expense from calibration

No pressure drop​

No wasted energy from running a pump or purchase of a larger size pump

No restriction in the pipe & no moving parts​

Contamination will not affect meter’s measurement (drifting) or any damage to meter​

No filters or strainers​

No maintenance cost with replacing filters or sustaining strainers​

Bi-directional measurement​

No additional meters required to have forward and reverse flow measurement​

Independent flow measurement​

Measurement independent of temperature, pressure, conductivity, and viscosity

Benefits of TDLAS Moisture Analyzers

Rapid speed of response

Typically in seconds, to changes in process moisture to allow for tight process control

With no change in calibration

Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS)technology does not require recalibration, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and cost

Non-contact measurement 

Eliminates wear and tear on a wetted sensing system due to corrosive gases and other process contaminants

Hot permit not required with through-the-glass programming

Analog and digital communications available

Aurora View software 

Enable remote service, trend graphing and diagnostics


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