Effective defect elimination at scale

A program approach designed to solve any problem, organization wide

Cordant™ Asset Defect Elimination is a system used to identify cause and effect relationships for a defined problem, event or incident. This effective causal identification is critical to generating effective solutions and thereby solving recurring or systemic problems and eliminating defects across the enterprise. Cordant™ Asset Defect Elimination manages the process of defect/problem prioritization and analysis triggers. The tool is used to conduct analysis with a scalable depth of analysis based on severity of the problem, develop effective solutions, track progress and implement outcomes, leverage effective solutions across entire organizations where applicable.  

Fit for purpose program, for all problem solving

Problem Analysis
Analyze Problems

Problem Analysis and Prioritization

Support all levels of analysis from the simple to more complex quantified analysis within one environment. Enables flexible and bulk data analysis. Supporting multiple methodologies, you can apply the right level of analysis to suit the defect or problem based on custom triggers. 

Implement Solutions
Implement Effective Solutions

Connect Solutions to Strategy in EAM Systems

Enrich your reliability analysis and strategy development. Get the benefit of a seamless connection between defect elimination action and solution tracking with EAM systems, where work requests are required. Extract and analyze relevant EAM data where required to support analysis. 

Reliability Analysis
Robust Reliability Analysis

Connected for data-driven continuous improvement

Cordant™ Asset Defect Elimination integrates with Asset Strategy Management and Asset Health for full circle asset performance management that prioritizes business objectives and drives digital transformation. 

How to Scale Defect Elimination
Featured Webinar

Defect Elimination: How to scale and extract the most value from your program

Many organizations' current approach limits the scalability and effectiveness of Defect Elimination. This webinar examines the current state of Defect Elimination and the limitations of many existing programs and outlines how to structure and scale your program to maximize value. 

A 360° view of assets drives continuous improvement

sites with connected RCA data set for global company
reduction in safety risks with an enterprise-view of RCAs
valves quickly updated with new strategy after RCA at one site

How Cordant™ Asset Defect Elimination helps

Analyze Defects
Analyze Defects

Effectively analyze problems to mitigate risk

Cordant Asset Defect Elimination enables flexible and bulk data analysis. Supporting multiple methodologies, you can apply the right level of analysis to suit the defect or problem. 

  • supports multiple methodologies
  • store evidence 
  • benchmark causal categories
Connect to Strategy
Connect to Strategy

Leverage learnings and connect to reliability strategy

Using one system to capture and manage all analysis, learnings, solutions, and implementation enables learnings to be applied to all sites and departments. This is further supported by a data model that codifies the language used for causal analysis and allows this to be tagged to specific assets while driving system cause prioritization.

Prioritize Defect Elimination
Prioritize Defect Elimination

Prioritize and classify defects enterprise-wide

Defects and resolutions can be prioritized based on business exposure and benefit, and level of effort can be determined based on severity and problem types. Ensures focused effort, traceability of solution implementation and high ROI.

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