Beverage Industry

Panametrics brings hygenic solutions to the Food & Beverage Industries

Measure liquid flow Non-Intrusively and Non-Invasively

Beverage factory - Panametrics for flowmeter for Food and beverage
Panametrics clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters measure Non-Intrusively and Non-Invasively. For this reason, they are variable and hygienic metering solutions for the food, Drinking Industries  

The food, drinking industries are usually characterized by a high water consumption and considerable waste water dis-charge volumes. 

For this reason, they face significant costs for water supply and trade effluent disposal. In addition to that, there are pumping, water and effluent treatment costs to be considered.

Expenses for water supply and waste disposal, increased global competition in Food & Drinking industry, rising of raw material prices and energy supply rates drive the importance of having more efficient and optimized production processes.

For these reasons, almost every type of business in the food, drinking industry should monitor its liquid flow processes in greater detail. 


The monitoring of internal flow processes and water supply and discharge lines requires flow meters to be retrofitted or spot measurement to be carried out as part of site surveys. The instruments required for these tasks have to be flexible, hygienic, quick to install and easy to operate. 


Typical Processes
Liquid and convenient food manufacturers
Dairy farms and creameries
Beverage companies

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Wide Range of Measured Fluids
Fast response time
High Process temperature range
Thermal energy consumption metering


Panametrics Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are Hygienic  by nature  as it will be  installed by clamping the ultrasonic sensors to the outside of the pipe. 

As a result, there are no intrusions created at any time which could allow bacterial growth inside the pipe.

Wide Range of Measured Fluids

As the ultrasonic sensors are never in contact with the flowing mediums, clamp on ultrasonic flow meter models PT900 (portable) & AT600 (permanent installation) can be used on many different applications regardless of the type of fluid. In addition to that, all meters work on all common pipe materials and diameters from (0.5” to 300”).

Fast response time

With a response time of less than one second, Panametrics Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters can measure rapidly changing flow velocities. 

They are therefore capable of gaining almost instant readings of starting flow.

High Process temperature range

The ultrasonic sensors are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -200 °C to +400 °C. As a result, they can be used on any application involved in or related to the food and drink production such as chilling and heating stages.

Thermal energy consumption metering

Whether you want to determine the cooling rates during any food & Drinking processing cooling process or if you want to measure temperature related energy consumption to fine tune heating or cooling systems for higher system efficiencies: Panametrics Ultrasonic clamp on flow meters  enable the user to monitor the temperature changes of almost any flowing liquid.

Ideal for monitoring the processes of CIP & CIP with Ozone liquid

Due to their contactless using  ultrasonic flow measurement technique, low response time, and the high temperature tolerance of the flow sensors, Panametrics Ultrasonic clamp-on  flow meters are ideal to monitor CIP (clean in place) flushes specially  with CIP using  Ozone liquid which normally can damage other types of on line meter (Mag meters)

Suitable for system integration

Companies of the food and drink industry employ large scale automated production systems. It is therefore important that every new measurement equipment can easily be integrated using different analog O/P’s & Digital communication protocols 

No pressure drop and no risk of leakage

Externally mounted sensors mean that Panametrics Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters will not cause any  pressure drop across the measurement location and bear no risk of leakage at any time.

Beverage Industry

Typical applications for Panametrics Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters:

• Pump, valve and inline flow meter performance verification

• Heat quantity measurement on heating and chilling lines

• Water and raw material consumption monitoring

• Flow metering of liquid products and ingredients

• Monitoring of CIP flush processes

• Pump and valve controlling

• Metering of discharges

• Site surveys


Panametrics clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters has therefore proven to be the ideal solutions for food, drinking industry.

Panametrics Solutions

Panametrics have a wide range of clamp on flow meters using ultrasonic measurement using transient time technique, the clamp-on flow meter model AT600   is a permanent, cost effective in installation and operation. The permanent clamp-on flow meter model DF868 have advanced features like build in energy measurement and data logging capability   Additionally, as Panametrics not only offer fixed installation but also portable clamp on Ultrasonic flow meter model PT900 which can be used for several purposes and applications regardless of the type of fluid, pipe material or diameter.

Apart from the fact that pipes do not have to be modified or cut to install clamp-on flow meters which avoids costly downtimes, there are further advantages of contactless flow measurement for the food, drink industries.



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