Image Card ILI Pipeline Geometry: Deformation, Strain, and Mapping

Pave the way for a successful ILI program and reliable feature location 

Mapping and inspecting your pipeline at the same time help you understand critical information on specific threats to pipeline integrity. An internal mapping survey is a cost-effective method for determining the locations of each pipe joint, making subsequent excavation of defects easier and cheaper. Pipeline mapping can be a reliable means of producing pipeline drawings when none are available from earlier construction. Pipeline mapping through ultrasonic pipeline inspection services and other Baker Hughes resources is setting the standard for gas and oil pipeline repair. 

Baker Hughes pipeline mapping tools can run through remote, inaccessible areas where conventional above-ground mapping surveys are impractical. Mapping can also identify areas of pipeline movement from landslides in mountainous areas, ship anchors in offshore waters, fast water currents in flood zones, and earthquakes and tremors in seismically active terrain.

Our solutions detect geohazard & third-party damage, internal diameter (ID), reductions, expansions, ends, ovalities buckles, and gouges. Operators will be able to identify pipeline damage from construction third-party causes and product theft. Furthermore, dents with cracks, gouges, or corrosion, inaccurate location of pipeline fractures, and missing records will be remedied with Baker Hughes pipeline mapping products. Engineers will be alerted to excessive tensile strain which can lead to line rupture and large compressive strain which may cause buckling or wrinkles. 


  • Deformations
  • Bending Strain (includes IMU bending strain assessment and Strain-based integrity assessment)
  • Axial and Total Strain (includes AXISS™ and IMU total strain reporting)
  • Mapping
  • Strain-based integrity assessment
  • ILI-based risk assessment
  • Depth of cover
  • Dent strain and fatigue assessment
  • Data integration and interacting threat assessments 

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