Our Approach

Harnessing data-driven insights to drive prioritized focus.

Critical insight surfaced through applications addressing asset, process, and sustainability performance. Empowering customers with actionable insights to anticipate outcomes, evaluate scenarios and choose actions strategically to reduce risk and failure, optimize process, and improve sustainability

Offered as a modular and composable solution, Cordant™ enables customers to address specific use cases such as health, strategy, and defect elimination to process optimization or energy and sustainability management and seamlessly expand capabilities as their needs evolve.

Cordant Asset Performance Management
Improve Performance

Cordant™ Asset Performance Management

An integrated approach to Asset Performance Management that combines health, strategy and defect elimination capabilities for a complete and quantified view of asset-related risk and cost optimization opportunity.​

Cordant Process Optimization
Optimize Systems

Cordant™ Process Optimization

A combination of AI-enabled software and expansive process optimization expertise enable solutions to improve production yield, quality, and overall system performance for process-intensive industries.

Energy and Sustainability
Drive Sustainability

Cordant™ Energy & Sustainability Management

Energy efficiency and emissions modeling at every level of the industrial process from the individual asset to the entire plant.

Balancing cost, risk, performance, and sustainability.

Quantify Risk
Manage risk

Identify and understand areas of significant risk in alignment with corporate risk frameworks and current risk appetite. 

Cordant Workflow
Enable operational agility

Significant productivity gains in operational agility, with sophisticated insights driving improvement workflows across asset health, asset strategy, work execution priorities, and defect elimination. 

Reduce Costs
Reduce costs

Determine cost-optimal maintenance on every asset. Reduce failures through advanced anomaly and degradation detection and management. 

Cordant Systems
Improve process optimization

Increase product yield, improve quality and optimize process by solving complex, real-time optimization problems and presenting recommendations. 

Improve asset performance

Increase production using AI simulation-based optimization and reduce downtime with sophisticated asset health monitoring and proactive asset strategies.

Cordant Insights
Manage sustainability

Rich insights on energy consumption and emissions to drive informed, sustainability-led decision-making. 

Putting your performance at the core

Cordant Platform
Unified platform

Cordant™ Platform

By connecting applications and data from across your assets and siloed data sources, the Cordant™ Platform provides a seamless view across your asset, process, and sustainability operations. 

Cordant Devices
Connected hardware & devices

Cordant™ Devices

Cordant™'s range of intelligent and connected devices protect your assets from unforeseen rotor dynamic events and ensures you have the right tools and data architecture to collect meaningful data and proactively manage your assets. 

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