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Our gas turbine flame sensing solutions...
Fit your requirements

Reuter-Stokes sensors are approved for use on multiple major gas turbine manufacturers. We also customize solutions for clients with specialized needs.

Enhance your operational safety

Reduce the risk of explosions and other safety incidents.

Quickly deliver accurate results

Not susceptible to black body radiation. Respond to flameouts in milliseconds.

Maximize availability

Based on technology that has over 500 million operating hours. Longer sensor life, better reliability, and less unplanned downtime.

Achieve cost savings

Reduce or prevent unplanned downtime, shutdowns, and safety incidents.

Support your sustainability initiatives

Work with green fuels including 100% Hydrogen fuel.

Reuter-Stokes Certification Logos

Certifications & Regulatory Compliance

All Reuter-Stokes flame sensors are hazardous area certified.

  • Class I Division 2 and Zone 2 models for Power Generation market
  • Class I Division 1 and Zone 1 models for Oil and Gas market

Certifications include North American, ATEX, and IECEx as well as multiple country specific certifications.

Select Reuter-Stokes sensors are capable of SIL 3 operation, Exida certified.

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