Our Seismoprobe Velocity Transducer Systems measure bearing housing, casing and structural vibration.

These two-wire transducers use moving-coil technology to provide a voltage output that is directly proportional to the transducer's vibration velocity. Moving-coil transducers are less sensitive to impact excitation than integrating accelerometers and can be appropriate for certain applications.

The 9200 and 74712 sensors offer convenience when taking portable measurements as neither device requires external power.

Product Features
Temperature ranges

9200 sensor qualified for range from -29°C to +121° C (-20 °F to +250°F). 74712 high temperature sensor qualified for range of -29°C to +204°C (-20°F to +400°F).


Both 9200 and 74712 offer 20 mV/mm/s (500 mV/in/s), ±5% when properly terminated and oriented at the angle of calibration. Transverse sensitivity is 10% or less of axial sensitivity. Both sensors withstand mechanical shocks up to 50 g peak along the non-sensitive transverse axis.

Frequency response

Ranges from a minimum operating frequency of 4.5, 10 or 15 Hz to a maximum of 1 kHz (60,000 cpm); +0, -3dB typical.

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