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Safe operations and maximum throughput

Our pipeline pre-commissioning services give your pipeline the best possible start in service and help reduce future corrosion, improve efficiency, maximize throughput and prevent hydrates from forming.

Starting with filling and gauging, the correct filtration prevents debris from entering the line.  If the intention is to leave water in the pipeline for several months, we offer the proprietary chemicals needed to help control corrosion and protect your asset. In addition, we can validate the line integrity by hydrotesting to a variety of pipeline codes, allowing you to meet regulatory requirements.

Thorough cleaning may mitigate against long term corrosion and we offer a range of solutions to clean the pipeline, depending on the specification.

For natural gas and petrochemical pipelines, thorough drying or conditioning is essential to prevent the formation of hydrates and deliver the product purity you need. We reduce drying time and move the line into production as quickly as possible using air, vacuum, nitrogen, or chemical swabbing. A final purge with nitrogen minimizes any risk of explosion.

Challenging deepwater pipelines are one of our speciality areas.  Our umbilical testing and monitoring solutions support asset integrity from manufacture to installation.

Our turnkey approach and asset fleet means we are ideally positioned to deliver pre-commissioning of large gas transmission pipelines and have extensive global experience in this segment.

In addition, our pipeline commissioning services focus on helping you to get quality product into your pipeline safely, quickly, and efficiently – enabling faster start up.

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