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Maximizing the efficiency of your in-line inspection (ILI) program

We offer proven, industry-accepted pipeline integrity engineering solutions that support a pragmatic approach without jeopardizing pipeline safety. This comprehensive range of assessment techniques evaluates anomalies critically and enables us to recommend control measures, repair processes, or changes to the system process to promote long-term pipeline integrity. 

Baker Hughes range of services includes ILI run comparison (RunCom) software to accurately align two ILI data sets and match corrosion sites to identify active corrosion growth sites; Integrity Assessments to determine and predict the immediate and future integrity of a pipeline; and Pipeline Curvature and Bending Strain Assessments to help operators identify locations where ground instability may pose a risk and affect pipeline integrity. 

Further services include Post Inspection Dent Assessment (PIDA) reports that use local dent strain data to identify the need for and prioritize repairs to pipeline dents. This in contrast, Post Inspection Dent Assessment (PIDA) reports which use engineering criticality assessments to determine the acceptability and remaining life of crack indications found through ILI surveys. 

These rigorous, regulatory-compliant, and quality-assured assessment techniques and deliverables help pipeline operators use the value of in-line inspection data to identify short and long-term integrity threats, avoid unnecessary and costly excavations and repairs while promoting safety and optimize long-term maintenance and repair schedules. 


  • Corrosion growth assessment – RunCom™/R2R
  • Post Inspection Dent Assessment (PIDA)
  • IMU Bending Strain assessment
  • AXISS™ and IMU total strain reporting
  • Strain-based integrity assessment
  • Fitness-for-purpose (FFP)
  • Posit Inspection Crack Assessment (PICA)
  • Circumferential SCC threat assessment
  • ILI-based girth weld threat assessment
  • Depth of cover
  • Dent fatigue assessment 
  • ILI-based risk assessment
  • Data integration and coincidence reporting
  • Interacting threat assessments
  • Wrinkle bend assessment

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