Air Data Test Sets (Pitot Static Testers)



Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) from Druck, a Baker Hughes business, are used for ADTS testing and calibration of airspeed and aircraft pitot static systems. In the aviation industry, pitot static testers are required whenever avionics, altimeters, or aircraft pitot static systems are manufactured, repaired, calibrated, or integrated into the aircraft.

The ADTS 500 Series of aircraft pitot static system testers and analyzers provides a smarter way to perform aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting, fault-finding, and emergency aircraft on-ground, high-accuracy instrumentation validation. The ADTS 500 Series is perfectly fitted for commercial aviation and comes in two, three, or four channels: ADTS 552, ADTS 553, and ADTS 554. The new ADTS 553FX is a portable, ruggedized three-channel ADTS test system. It provides high-accuracy air data validation leak testing, fault finding, and avionics instrumentation testing.

The ADTS 405 MkII test equipment brings reliability and high accuracy into our highest performance pitot static test set. The rugged, compact design has evolved due to Druck's continuous research and development, customer feedback, and the experience gained from manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure controllers.

Druck technical teams are experts in all things pitot static tester. Our air data tester, test system and calibration services support customers globally, expanding their calibration interval by up to 18 months. Contact us today for the best equipment delivery time, and availability, in your region.



The Druck air data test set
Easy to use

Air Data Test Sets are portable, compact, robust, and self-contained for flightline aircraft pitot static validation.

  • TERPS® (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) accuracy enables aircraft RVSM validation
  • Wireless communication with the ADTS Touch hand terminal eliminates the need to run cables to the cockpit
  • The ADTS542 product offers low air speed option for helicopters
  • Collects and retains customized aircraft test sequences and observed readings to improve productivity
  • New proportional control technology ensures stable pressure control
High Accuracy and Stability Pressure Sensors

Druck’s ADTS 500 and 405 ranges have TERPS® technology at their core, delivering unprecedented metrological characteristics and resultant levels of performance in the field. With its class-leading accuracy, stability, precision, and drift performance from Druck’s TERPS® technology – why would you calibrate with anything other than a Druck Pitot Static Tester?

World class calibration for all aircraft types

From light aircraft owners to MRO (maintenance repair overhaul) organizations to global airlines and many of the world’s militaries, Druck offers an Air Data Test Set solution for every customer. In 2019 Druck also introduced the ADTS 542 FL280 edition – a pitot static tester designed for use with non-RVSM aircraft – adding to the wide range of aircraft that are perfectly matched for Druck’s Air Data Test Sets.

Druck Assured Service Support

Our customer support combines best-in-class service with a predictable cost of ownership.  Our Druck Assured Service Plans are designed to maximize your operation’s uptime, with a prioritized response from our team of industry experts. Pre-defined service level agreements reduce administrative and processing time, while agreed pricing lowers operational costs. OEM approved parts and services and asset health checks ensure asset availability and peace of mind for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are air data test sets?

Air data test sets, or ADTS, is Druck technology that are also known as pitot static tests. ADTSs are used for testing and calibrating airspeed and aircraft pitot static systems.

What is TERPS technology?

TERPS, or Trench-Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor, combines accuracy, stability, reliability, and strength unmatched by comparable pressure sensors. TERPS reduces the amount of time needed to calibrate a sensor.

Do I have to send my ADTS to the UK for calibration?

No, we provide calibration of ADTS in our global centers. You can find our service locations here.

How often should I calibrate my ADTS?

Druck is able to support our customers to expand their calibration interval up to 18 months instead of the industry average of 12 months.

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Druck Product Obsolescence Notice

UPS-III - This product has been discontinued. Druck recommends the DPI802 as the alternative product option. Please contact a Druck specialist for immediate assistance. 
UPS-III-IS - This product has been discontinued. Druck recommends the DPI620G-L-IS as an alternative product option. Please contact a Druck specialist for immediate assistance.

Need to upgrade your legacy Druck equipment?
Replacement Options for Legacy Druck ADTS


Legacy Model Number
End of Service & Repair Support
Calibration Support
Recommended Replacement
New units
Calibration currently supported
New units
Calibration currently supported
ADTS542F or ADTS552F
Calibration currently supported
ADTS553F or ADTS554F
Calibration currently supported
Contact your local sales representative
Calibration currently supported
Contact your local sales representative
ADTS405R MkI or ADTS405F MkI
2019 (For models up to and including M8, M9, M10)
Calibration currently supported
2028 (For models M11, M12 only)
Calibration currently supported


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