BHC3TM Process Optimization applies advanced analytics techniques on top of operational data to improve production yield and process efficiency. BHC3 Process Optimization identifies process anomalies across systems, provides prioritized alerts and process KPIs, enables root cause analysis, and recommends optimization actions. Process and production engineers can use BHC3 Process Optimization to maximize production levels and optimize energy efficiency.

Increase Product Yield, Improve Quality, and Boost Efficiency

BHC3 Process Optimization applies machine learning techniques to continuously monitor and predict product yield, identify quality problems, and optimize process energy utilization and process control parameters.

Yield Optimization Infographic

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Demonstrated Benefits

🡓 40%
reduction in off-spec product
🡑 80%
accuracy in detecting low-yield batches
🡑 15%
increase in energy production
🡑 1%
increase in process throughput

Next Generation AI-based Process Optimization


BHC3 Process Optimization Solution

Product yield is variable over time

Product yields and quality forecasted through advanced AI techniques to reduce waste and maximize production

Quality issues emerge without sufficient warning

AI prediction enables operators to act before a product issue emerges

Lab testing and related data are not integrated with operational data

Unified date from process simulators, operational systems, ERP systems, and asset management systems provide a holistic view of production process

Existing solutions do not handle all process types

Support for discrete, batch, semi-batch and continuous production processes

Unpredictable impact of reactive solutions on quality issues

Integration of process simulators and optimization frameworks to evaluate what-if scenarios

Inefficient collaboration and triage

Enable operators to focus on high-priority issues and leverage AI-based prescriptive insights to support intervention

Benefits for BHC3 Process Optimization Users

Benefits for BHC3 Process Optimization Infographic

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