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Enterprise AI for Predicting Asset Failures

Integrated Hydrocarbon Producer


A large hydrocarbon producer experienced a major unplanned shutdown due to asset failures and began to reevaluate its current asset maintenance strategy. Before engaging Baker Hughes and C3 AI, the company relied on rules-based control systems to detect operational anomalies. However, the control systems generated a high volume of alarms daily and operators struggled to distinguish false alarms from material anomalies. The control systems could not accurately predict asset failures and operated in siloes. The company needed a better solution that could improve the quality of alarms, accurately predict failures before they occurred, and provide an integrated end-to-end view of assets.



To address these issues and increase the reliability of the critical systems, the company selected BHC3TM Reliability application. Within two weeks, Baker Hughes and C3 AI experts ingested and unified over two years of data for more than 2,500 assets across 27 locations. The team configured an anomaly detection pipeline to predict asset failures and provide root cause analyses for two critical upstream systems: gas compressors and water injection pumps. With BHC3 Reliability, the oil & gas company can generate over $10 million of additional annual revenue and savings from increased uptime and reduced maintenance costs across the two systems: gas compressors and water injection pumps.

Project Objectives
  • Configure ML algorithms to detect anomalies at the system and subsystem level
  • Display prioritized alerts and recommended actions supported by a robust evidence package


$10M+ USD

of annual economic value identified from increased uptime and decreased costs


assets from 27 locations modelled in unified data image                                                           

2 Years

advance notice for major asset overhauls                                                                                   

Solution Architecture

BHC3 AI Suite

Proven results in weeks, not years

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