Achieve optimal performance across your asset fleet

Integrate asset strategy, asset health, and defect elimination for intelligent and actionable APM

Cordant™ Asset Performance Management combines health, strategy, and defect elimination capabilities into an integrated environment for a complete and quantified view of asset related risk and cost opportunity. It leverages advanced analytics and connected data sets to drive intelligent, continuous improvement, unlocking productivity and enabling insight-led decision making to achieve the optimal balance of performance, cost and risk.

Cordant Asset Strategy

Cordant™ Asset Strategy Management

Improve asset performance and productivity with optimized maintenance strategies at scale. 

Cordant Asset Health
Asset Health

Cordant™ Asset Health Management

Take proactive action with complete and real-time view of asset health

Cordant Asset Defect Elimination
Defect Elimination

Cordant™ Asset Defect Elimination

Effectively manage and scale your industrial asset defect elimination program

Journey to Integrated Asset Performance Management
Featured Resource

Making the case for integrated Asset Performance Management

Asset-intensive industries are often faced with competing priorities and are challenged to maintain the right balance of cost, risk, and asset performance. This eBook explains why an integrated approach to Asset Performance Management yields the most successful outcomes. 

Complete data-driven performance management

Cordant Dashboard
Asset performance improvement

Reduce downtime through proactive asset strategies and sophisticated asset health monitoring. 

Cordant Risk
Manage risk

Identify areas of significant risk in alignment with corporate risk frameworks and current risk appetite. 

Cordant Workflow
Operational agility

Significant productivity gains in operation agility, with sophisticated insights driving improvement workflows across asset health, asset strategy, work execution priorities, and defect elimination studies and solution implementation.

Reduce Costs
Reduce maintenance costs

Optimize asset strategies in real-time to ensure optimal maintenance cost on every asset. Reduce unplanned failures through advanced degradation detection and management. 

Cordant Insights
Predictable performance for maximized profits

Forecast cost, risk and performance to ensure effective strategies are aligned to operation goals.

How Cordant™ Asset Performance Management helps

Asset Health Management
Asset Strategy Management
Asset Defect Elimination
Enterprise Asset Health Management
Enterprise Asset Health Management
Asset Health Management

Take control of asset health

Connect vast quantities of disparate asset health data from individual machines and equipment, sites, and systems into a streamlined action-oriented workflow augmented by autonomous intelligence and fully integrate with work process and asset management systems.

  • Manage via action workflow
  • Prioritize by condition score/risk
  • Analyze and collaborate
  • Drive corrective action
  • Evaluate and report
Complete Guide to Asset Strategy Management
Complete Guide to Asset Strategy Management
Asset Strategy Management

Optimal strategies on all assets, all the time.

Connect and centralize asset strategy management across an enterprise for robust reliability analysis, efficient development of strategies, rapid deployment through EAM/CMMS integration to sustain optimal strategies on all assets, at all times. 

  • Optimize digital reliability strategies
  • Rapid strategy deployment
  • Enrich master data and consistency
  • Govern and control
  • Drive continuous improvement
Asset Defect Elimination
Asset Defect Elimination
Asset Defect Elimination

Scalable problem analysis

Enables scalable problem analysis and the application of solutions and best practice across sites and departments to drive continuous improvement, eliminate defects, and prevent recurring problems.

  • Defect impact quantification
  • RCA workflow management
  • Solution implementation tracking
  • Integration with work execution systems
  • Evaluate and report

News and Resources

APM Maturity Index
Achieving Integrated Asset Performance Management

Use this maturity index to assess where you currently stand and how to achieve best-in-class. 

Convergence of Condition Monitoring and Reliability
Convergence of Condition Monitoring and Asset Reliability

Integrated Asset Performance Management models reduce technology debt of customers. 

Integrated approach to APM
Get more from your assets with an integrated approach to APM

An integrated approach to Asset Performance Management connects the traditionally siloed functions for holistic asset management and improved outcomes. 

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