Engine Monitoring and Control

Aircraft engines are extensively tested to prove reliability. Certification testing is extremely challenging and lengthy, due to the absolute reliance on this complex system to provide power to enable and to sustain flight. To provide this level of reliability all systems and components used within the engine need to be equally robust.

Our sensors allow the engine to operate, through reliable measurement of the fuel and oil pressure. Our sensors monitor the engine health, providing prognostic information and also critical engine control data to the pilot.


The engine environment is arguably the most hostile within the aircraft due to the extreme temperatures, rapidly changing environmental conditions and exposure to the elements. The demands for continued, reliable data from the products controlling the engine parameters is a given. Fulfilling these needs is extremely challenging as the function of the sensor ensures the engines operate safely and efficiently. Being exposed to the elements at 41,000 feet at temperatures close to = 70 degrees fahrenheit requires a robust design, qualification process and high quality manufacturing facility.


Our pressure measuring solutions have field proven reliability data, as well as having qualified products for installation on the world’s most produced commercial engines. We have partnered with OEM’s to design bespoke solutions such as providing high burst pressure, whilst maintaining high accuracy demands and helped overcome pump ripple challenges. We have gained the trust of our customers through our rigorous and robust qualification process. Having supplied more than 8,000 units for use on engines, our team are confident in our abilities to provide customers with the most reliable pressure sensing solution available.

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Engine Monitoring and Control