PACE modular pressure controller

The new PACE pneumatic modular pressure controller brings together the latest control and measurement technology from Druck to offer an elegant, fast, flexible and economical solution to pressure control for automated production, test and calibration.

PACE employs full digital control to provide high control stability and high slew rate, while its digitally characterized pressure sensor offers the quality, stability, higher bandwidth and precision associated with this latest generation of piezo-resistive and TERPS devices.

Product Overview
  • Selection of chassis and interchangeable control modules
  • Single, dual or auto range control module configurations
  • High speed pressure control – 5 seconds to fill 300CC*
  • Up to 210 bar (3000 psi/21 MPa) gauge and absolute
  • Precision to 0.001% FS over calibrated temperature range
  • Accuracy 2, 3.5bar a 0.0004% RDG + 0.0027% FS 8-71 bar a 0.0011% RDG + 0.0026% FS
  • Long-term stability from 0.001% FS
  • Barometric reference option
  • Utilises Drucks new unique range of piezo-resistive and TERPS pressure sensor technology
  • 28 selectable pressure units and four user defined units
  • Switch test, leak test, test program, burst test, analogue output and volt free contact options
  • Aeronautical option
  • Negative gauge calibration included as standard
  • High resolution colour touch screen operation
  • Intuitive icon task driven menu structure
  • Compatible with software packages
  • RS232, IEEE connectivity, ethernet and USB as standard

* Variance may occur due to customer configuration

PACE6000 chassis

Dual channel pressure controller chassis

  • With two PACE CM control modules fitted the PACE6000 can be used in single, auto-ranging or simultaneous dual pressure control mode*
  • Aeronautical option enabling full control in aeronautical units
  • No module pressure range ratio limit
Switch test

Switch test automates the testing of pressure switch devices.

Following the test, the pressure at which contacts open and close and the switch hysteresis is displayed. Switch test task can also be set to repeat several times to exercise a switch or capture switch toggle maximum, minimum and average values 

Leak test

Leak test applies a test pressure(s) to an external system connected to the instrument to determine the magnitude of pressure variations due to leaks. This application sets the test pressure and a dwell time to eliminate potential adiabatic effects at the test pressure and the leak test time period. On completion, the display shows the start pressure, end pressure, pressure change and leak rate.

Test program

The test program option provides a facility for creating, storing and executing numerous test procedures within the instrument itself. This is particularly useful for longer, more repetitive and laborious procedures requiring manual inputs for rapid prototyping, manufacturing and life cycle testing. 

Test programs can also be transferred to a PC using a mass storage device for further editing, and copied back from the mass storage device to the instrument.

Burst test

Burst test is an application for the PACE series designed primarily for the testing of pressure rupture discs. The burst test option applies a controlled increase of pressure and accurately measures the exact point at which the device rupture or burst occurs.

Volt free contacts (VFC)

Volt free contacts enable control of peripheral devices such as vacuum pumps, ovens, etc. Each VFC option has three independent volt-free NO/NC relay contacts. A number of conditions can be set within a PACE instrument to trigger a relay toggling its contacts 


Analogue output

The analogue output can be programmed via the setup menu screen to output a signal proportional to the instrument range selected. This allows the instrument to interface with PC or PLC I/O cards, remote displays, chart recorders or other data logging equipment.

Users can select outputs of 0 to 10 V, 0 to 5 V, -5 to 5 V and 0/4 to 20 mA. Precision with respect to host instrument measured pressure 0.05% FS over the host instrument operating temperature range, variable update rate to 80 readings per second. The option is programmable between minimum and FS pressure for proportional output against pressure. 

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