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Water and Wastewater - Achieve reliable and accurate measurements
Improve Combustion Efficiency Performance with flare.IQ
Renewable Natural Gas Turns Waste into Green Energy
Highly reliable measurements through all LNG stages
Establishing Confidence in Natural Gas Measurements
Semiconductor – Ultraclean Industrial Environment

Water and Wastewater - Achieve reliable and accurate measurements

Panametrics’ flow meters and process analyzers can help your water treatment facility to get the most out of challenging operations through innovative technology. Our goal is help water and wastewater operators optimize profitability by preventing downtime and improve efficiency.

Join our webinar to learn how our flow meters and oxygen analyzers can:

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhance reliability with on-demand readings and tablet to transmitter communication and
  • Reduce your maintenance costs

Improve Combustion Efficiency Performance with flare.IQ

Increasingly becoming part of operators’ decarbonization strategies, Panametrics’ revolutionary flare.IQ energy transition technology is optimizing flare operations and significantly reducing methane emissions for customers across the globe.

flare.IQ can help your operations optimize the complete flare system and help with daily flaring needs such as:

  • Reduce the logistical and operational cost of building necessary scaffolding to inspect your flare meter
  • Live monitoring of the combustion efficiency to ensure real-time data reporting
  • Provides predictive emissions data by calculating the CO2 being released to the atmosphere
  • Reduce EHS and HSE risks of sending people to monitor the flare meter

Learn more at our webinar Improve Combustion Efficiency performance with flare.IQ

Renewable Natural Gas Turns Waste into Green Energy

Watch this webinar to learn how we meet the world’s growing demand for clean, safe and efficient energy. We believe the answer lies in technology. As an energy technology company, this is the core of our mission – to deliver the highest efficient and reliable solutions today to turn waste into green energy

Key take-a-ways:

  • Market trends and demand for Renewable Natural Gas
  • Process: Gas to Grid
  • Panametrics Flow and Process Analyzers solutions
  • Field applications and experience

Highly reliable measurements through all LNG stages

Whether you’re processing gas during dehydration, liquefaction, storage or regasification, accurate and reliable measurements are critical. In our upcoming webinar, Highly reliable measurements through all LNG Stages, we’ll show you how to achieve reliable measurements in each LNG stage. In this free live session where we’ll cover:

  • How to control moisture content
  • How to quantify the precise LNG and Boil Off Gas during liquefaction and storage
  • Why flare combustion efficiency is key

Establishing Confidence in Natural Gas Measurements

Natural gas is processed and transported to meet end-user needs. The quality of the natural gas is reliant on many factors, which include moisture and oxygen content.

Measurements are made throughout the processing, transportation, and in some cases end-use, including liquefication for LNG. These measurements are in place for product quality, drying efficiency, protection of the infrastructure, and for safety. The user has choices for technology and vendor to make these measurements. Confidence in these measurements is vital. 

Key take-a-ways:

  • Applications where measurements are needed
  • Technologies that make these measurements
  • Methods to establish confidence in these measurements

Semiconductor – Ultraclean Industrial Environment

Research has proven that precise control of the oxygen content and reliable, contamination free flow measurement on ultrapure water, utility water and gas, as well as raw water and wastewater are required for chips and other electronics components manufactured in clean rooms down to class 1.

Many gases must be of the highest purity as even parts-per-billion (ppb) levels of contaminants, such as moisture and oxygen, can negatively impact process yield and product quality. Panametrics oxygen analyzers and flow meters can provide Semiconductor operators with the necessary measurement to achieve the highest purity goal.

Watch our webinar to learn how these solutions can:

  • Minimize set-up time and effort
  • Deliver reliable and repeatable measurement of oxygen and moisture
  • Improve performance on your operations
  • Help operators to achieve the correct material properties
  • Measure critical content like water and oxygen flow

Past Webinars
Measurements that matter with PanaFlow Ultrasonics

Designed specifically for low-risk, accurate, and repeatable measurement of process liquids and gas, the capabilities of our ultrasonic PanaFlow meters make it the right meter for several industries and applications.

Register today to learn how our ultrasonic flow meters:

  • Deliver accurate measurements
  • Have minimal operational cost
  • Are designed for robust performance
  • Are maintained free

Ultrasonic technology is the fastest growing flow measurement today. Learn more about our broad portfolio of in-line flow meters that help you to optimize your processes and meet your environmental and performance goals.

Are you steamed up with your flow measurement?

Are you interested in better control of your steam with the goal of reducing your energy consumption or improving your process efficiency? 

Don’t miss the chance to learn about Panametrics' solutions for steam measurements from the people that know it best.

We will present the advantages of ultrasonic solutions that can measure extremely wide flow ranges in either low or high temperature and pressure steam.

Key take-a-ways:

  • Understand what advantages can measure high and low flow to get full visibility of your process
  • Learn how ultrasonic steam measurements can help with range ability
  • Better understand steam requirements and efficiencies
Measurements that matter in your Refinery

Key take-a-ways:

  • Learn how you can optimize your plant
  • Hear how you can tackle some of your challenges by using the proper technology
  • Learn about measurements that matter in your refinery
Oxygen Measurement in Inerting Improves Process Efficiency

Chemical, petrochemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as research institutions, may store liquids in large tanks, have mixing chambers, or may have reaction processes where the presence of oxygen could lead to a fire or an explosion. Blanket gases mitigate the possibility of explosive mixtures when inerting the headspace of storage tanks and process vessels. Safety first: oxygen measurement in the blanket gas ensures the efficacy of the inerting process. Measuring the oxygen content also allows for cost savings.

Key take-a-ways:

  • Improve process safety & better product quality
  • Eliminates the possibility of fire or an explosion
  • Protect plant personnel, products and plant assets
Measurement Successes in Hydrogen

Hydrogen plays a vital role in the energy transition away from hydrocarbon fuels. Measurement required along the value chain from production and transportation to utilization create unique challenges. Panametrics has a rich history in making measurements in hydrogen applications. This webinar will highlight existing and new measurements. 

Register today to learn how Panametrics sensor technology play right across the hydrogen value chain, from production and transportation to utilization.

Refining industry's challenges and solutions

Refineries are tasked with staying competitive in an uncertain and volatile market. It can be challenging to ensure your equipment is operating properly while maintaining the safety of your employees. Instrumentation can both monitor the safe hazardous conditions and an optimal operating process for your equipment. 

Watch this webinar to learn why instrumentation is so important in your refinery and how you can optimize your plant with the proper technology tackling some of your challenges.

Optimize your complete flare operations

Meet your daily flaring needs with Panametrics flare.IQ for emissions control, digital verification and our new FlareCare supporting service agreements. Learn more at our webinar Optimize your complete flare operations.

flare.IQ can help your company optimize the complete flare system to meet your daily flaring needs.

Leveraging the Diagnostics of EightPath Ultrasonic FlowMeter

Eight-path ultrasonic flow meters give you all the data you need to make informed decisions, minimize risk, and reduce the uncertainty inherent in flow measurement. But making that data actionable takes a solid understanding of the enhanced diagnostics these meters have to offer.

In this webinar, Leveraging the Diagnostics of Eight-Path Ultrasonic Flow Meters, we use our Sentinel LCT8 high-accuracy ultrasonic flow meter to walk you through everything you need to know about the lower level diagnostics provided by 8-path ultrasonic flow meters.

Clamp-on webinar to Commercial Buildings

Clamp-on flow meters can bridge the gap of traditional meters if they were never installed during the start of a project, or if the building is too old for this type of technology.

Clamp-on flow meters can and should be used for spot checking an existing meter, or most commonly to ensure energy efficiency.