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At Panametrics, we know that metrics matter – especially when it comes to LNG production. That’s why we’re committed to producing LNG solutions that deliver reliable, high-accuracy measurements – even in extreme conditions – for safer operations and more uptime. Building on our extensive experience measuring gas and liquid flow in all LNG stages, we’re able to offer solutions for pre-treatment all the way through to regasification.

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Panametrics Solutions on LNG Stages

Loading, offloading and storage
LNG Vessels


To ensure accurate flow rate measurement during liquefaction, you need flow meters that can handle the pressure drops, temperature changes, and extreme conditions of the cryogenic process. Our LNG analyzers and meters are designed to deliver precise measurements under the toughest conditions, giving you everything you need to keep liquefaction running smoothly.

Loading, offloading and storage

During loading and offloading, every cubic meter of LNG needs to be accounted for, but accurately measuring flow can be challenging. Our analyzers and flow meters are designed to deliver the highly accurate and reliable flow measurements you need for custody transfer – even when faced with unexpected pressure drops, harsh conditions or changes in flow rates.


During regasification, the use of assisted flares can lead to overaerating, causing damage to the flare tip and cutting short its lifespan. Our regasification products not only guard the flare tip from excess aeration that may cause in-tip damage, they help minimize greenhouse gases and improve combustion efficiency as well.

LNG Vessels

Storing LNG can turn into a potentially explosive situation if not properly monitored. We offer a variety of meters and analyzers for accurate and reliable monitoring of LNG vessels, ensuring inert gas purge is working correctly, keeping workers – and product – safe.

Measurement Solutions for LNG Industry
Custody Transfer Flow Meters
Sentinel LNG Ultrasonic Custody Transfer Liquid Flow Meter

Our Sentinel high-accuracy ultrasonic flow meters deliver those high-accuracy measurements – even in the unstable conditions typical of pipelines – to reduce uncertainty and increase peace of mind.

Our Sentinel flow meters deliver custody transfer-level measurement, easy integration, rugged construction, and reliable performance – even in the unstable conditions of typical pipelines.

The Sentinel LNG ultrasonic custody transfer liquid flow meter extends cryogenic applications to -200 C. Like other Sentinel meters it is reliable, robust, and cost-effective.

With no moving parts, a robust path configuration, and bundled waveguide technology, the signals can enter the process while protecting the transducers from cryogenic temperatures. Benefits include:

  • Improved performance, reduced maintenance, and dynamic flow measurement for cryogenic liquids
  • Fully welded construction with no moving parts
  • Ultrasonic transducers protected from cryogenic temperatures using Bundle Waveguide™ Technology
  • Full bore design, zero pressure drop
  • High accuracy to overcome limitations of tank level gauging
  • Robust Path Configuration™ through extensive use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Moisture Analyzers
Aurora moisture analyzer

Using multipath measurements, today’s advanced moisture analyzers provide the highly accurate metrics you need to ensure LNG production goes smoothly.

Panametrics Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS)  measure the moisture concentration in common gases. The Panametrics TDLAS portfolio, featuring the Aurora product line, consists of industrial analyzers with intuitive interfaces and patented technology for superior performance.

These tunable diode laser analyzers are known for their fast and accurate response, able to analyze moisture from 2 to 5000 PPMv. Our patented calibration scheme allows for variations in background gas that would result in error conditions in other analyzers.

flare.IQ Flare Managament Controller

Panametrics’ groundbreaking flare.IQ technology significantly reduces methane slip emissions, minimizes costs from flaring operations, and improves transparency for flare operations. flare.IQ is a full stream flare solution, covering assisted flares associated with downstream Petrochemical and refinery, all the way to unassisted flares associated with upstream operations. 

flare.IQ Operator Benefits:

  • Deliver high-efficiency flare combustion and significantly reduce methane emissions and steam usage
  • Avoid any carbon tax penalties associated with flaring
  • Manage flare assets remotely 24/7
  • Identify issues early and intervene quickly by having access to real-time combustion efficiency data on the production floor
  • Verify flare meters remotely, eliminating the logistical and operational costs of technician support, scaffolding, and permit application associated with traditional flare verification
  • Eliminate the HSE risk associated with scaffolding

Count on Panametrics for definitive moisture measurement.

What’s the best way to control moisture content during LNG dehydration? Get our white paper to find out.

On Demand Webinar: Highly reliable measurements through all LNG stages

On this webinar we show you how to achieve reliable measurements in each LNG stage

We know getting highly accurate custody transfer-level flow measurements is important for your operations.
Learn how to calculate your Custody Transfer and potential leak savings on this Interactive Tool!

Using this tool, you will have the ability to:

  • Calculate potential leak savings opportunities using your own parameters
  • Calculate the Custody Transfer efficiency of your current process
  • Learn how flow measurement can optimize Leak Detection and Custody Transfer processes


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