We are Baker Hughes, an energy technology company

We take energy forward - making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet.

What we do

We develop and deploy the most advanced technologies to serve energy and industrial companies looking for more efficient, more reliable and cleaner solutions.  Our diverse portfolio of technologies and solutions are transforming how industry works today and in the future.

Oilfield services & equipment

Our oilfield technology and services help you operate efficiently and predictably, ensuring that projects are executed right the first time and assets consistently perform at peak productivity. Our portfolio is enriched by digitalization, artificial intelligence and automation capabilities that enable remote operations, reduce risk, and drive decarbonization efforts.

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Leucipa automated field production solution animation still.
Leucipa automated field production solution
A software solution that will help oil & gas operators eliminate waste, reduce carbon emissions, and recover the millions of barrels that manual operations have left in the ground.
Subsea connect
Helping our customers with production enhancement, maximizing recovery over the life-of-field, and reducing costs.
Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

As a leader in the LNG industry for the last 30 years, our broad suite of solutions provide greater efficiency and availability across LNG operations. From our best-in-class gas turbines to our power solutions, we provide critical technology for LNG projects.

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LNg plant
LNG solutions
Over thirty years of industry-leading solutions for long-term reliability, availability, and project success.
LM9000 gas turbine
The most competitive gas turbine in the 65+ MW power range.
Industrial technology

Our industrial technologies improve efficiency for heavy and process industries. Our power generation solutions in the 5-20MW range, as well as our compression capabilities and digital solutions help serve industries to deliver better performance.

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industrial plant
Industrial technology
Solutions to improve efficiency and uptime in processing and manufacturing industries.
gas turbine detail
NovaLT gas turbines
Setting standards in efficiency, availability, reliability, and flexibility while minimizing costs of ownership.
Energy transition

Our energy technology solutions are helping energy and industrial companies achieve their ambitions on the path to net zero. We are delivering the most efficent solutions today and investing in the future decarbonization of the energy system.

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energy transition
Energy transition
Our energy technology helps industry advance on the path to net-zero and a sustainable energy future.
Nova LT12 approved external use ALE_5181
Hydrogen technologies
Advanced technologies to accelerate hydrogen deployment as an alternative source of energy.
Industrial asset management

Our solutions transform operations by bringing together the power of data, analytics and automation to achieve more with less impact. Our asset management capabilities improve reliability and reduce unplanned downtime.

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refineries and petrochemical plants_iStock-943356040 (61).
Asset management
Plant-wide solutions of condition monitoring and asset protection with global support services.
refineries and petrochemical plants
Predictive asset maintenance
Predict assets at risk of failure to improve maintenance and planning.
Remote operations

We deploy digital operations, monitoring and testing capabilities to securely serve critical industries around the world. Our customers benefit from better insights, improved safety, and lower operational costs with our wide range of remote operation solutions.

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Bently Nevada Remote Monitoring Center
Remote operations
Deploying digital operations and monitoring capabilities to securely serve critical industries around the world.
Advanced digital services
Expertise and resources to connect your people, data, and machines to increase value and performance.


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The pressure is on: how sensors are taking energy forward
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The pressure is on: how sensors are taking energy forward

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The pressure is on: how sensors are taking energy forward

Someone to watch over machines

Early adopters achieve multimillion dollar savings soon after deploying latest sensor-and-AI-driven asset health monitoring and diagnostics solution.

Changing Change Management
People & culture

Changing Change Management

Baker Hughes is evolving. VP of Change Management, Michaela Van Schalkwyk, explains how the organization is embracing and embedding change.

Key Takeaways from the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting 2023

Key Takeaways from the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting 2023

On 30th- 31st January 2023, Baker Hughes held its annual forum hosting energy and industry thought leaders from around the globe in Florence, Italy.

Orchestrating supply chain resilience

Orchestrating supply chain resilience

Stormy global conditions have all but snapped established supply chains. It’s time to reconfigure the drivers of prosperity.

Meet our inspiring new CFO
People & culture

Meet our inspiring new CFO

Nancy Buese is the new Baker Hughes CFO, bringing deep industry experience and a passion for improving preparedness, team diversity and transparency.


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