Online Condition Monitoring Systems


Industries that rely on mission-critical machinery choose our online condition monitoring solutions.

Online Condition Monitoring Systems

Our approach to condition-based machine health monitoring delivers top-quality digital signal processing, networked communications, and analytics software in order to keep your machinery operating in peak condition and prevent downtime. Bently Nevada's online condition monitoring systems and vibration monitoring technology integrate seamlessly into our machinery protection series to monitor and manage mission-critical data, which is then fed to our flagship System 1† condition monitoring software, where you can easily and accurately assess all the data, including process data, on your plantwide collection of machinery for predictive maintenance.

Customers praise the program’s integrity, reliability, and ease of use coupled with a diverse selection of options. Acclaimed by users over decades, our condition monitoring services have enabled one power generation plant to save $1 million, a petroleum refinery $5 million, and a coal-fired plant to cut 250 days of downtime. In short, machine health monitoring by Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, can save your organization a lot of lost revenue.

We invite you to explore a diverse assortment of options in our extensive product portfolio that includes vibration monitoring sensors, portable devices, vibration analyzers, data collectors, wireless monitors, and much more.  Want to learn how to get started?  Read our latest blog "What is Condition Monitoring?"

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Condition Monitoring Systems: Equipment & Hardware
vbOnline Pro Plantwide Condition Monitoring

The vbOnline Pro provides automated, user-scheduled monitoring of an asset’s health. It is a flexible and scalable automation system fully supported by Bently Nevada's System 1 machine monitoring and diagnostics software. The system assists in the early detection of machinery and process problems. The vbOnline Pro provides economic vibration monitoring using accelerometers for mid- and low-level criticality assets. The device is easy to install and configure and cuts maintenance costs.

vbOnline Pro automated condition monitoring system bently nevada monitor rolling bearing elements, gear tain monitoring
Trendmaster Pro - Dynamic Scanning

Trendmaster Pro - Equipment Condition Monitoring System

Trendmaster† Pro is an innovative online machine health monitoring system that links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points to a single-cable sensor network and transmits the data to our System 1 software for enhanced asset health.

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

Our Wind Turbine Condition Monitor provides integrated condition monitoring for wind turbine drive trains and merges with System 1 software to recognize trends, provide alarming, and offer deeper analysis and diagnostic capabilities.

Ranger Pro - Wireless Sensor

Ranger Pro - Wireless Vibration Condition Monitoring

Our efficient and rugged Ranger Pro wireless vibration sensor and monitoring system provides remote, online condition monitoring capabilities across a broad range of machinery in power generation, oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper, cement, metals processing, manufacturing, and other industries.

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Online Condition Monitoring Systems