Trendmaster Pro is an innovative online vibration monitoring system that links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points to a single-cable sensor network. It then transmits full-waveform & spectrum data to our System 1 software, with its intuitive interface for tracking, alerting & analyzing your machinery behavior. 

This online condition monitoring system is optimized for cost-effective monitoring of machines of intermediate criticality, i.e. machines that don't demand immediate shut-down protection, but for which monthly portables-based monitoring would be insufficient. A highlight of this system is its suitability for use in the most hazardous environments (i.e. explosive gases).

A wide range of sensor types are supported, including vibration (Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement), temperature (RTD & K thermocouple), Pressure, Process Variables (20mA, 5V), Rack Buffered outputs. Each Transducer Interface Module provides 2 channels of measurement.

Trendmaster Product Overview
Trendmaster Product Features

The Trendmaster Pro online condition monitoring system is ideal for your medium criticality machines:

  • Dynamic Scanning Modules - Strategically placed throughout your plant, DSMs accept one to six sensor bus cables to produce a distributed network of condition monitoring sensors. 
  • Frequently polled - Sensors on each bus are polled sequentially every few minutes, allowing the system to collect data from thousands of connected sensor points.
  • Low installation and hardware costs - innovative architecture utilizes point-to-point wiring rather than running all field wiring all the way back to a central location.
Trendmaster System Compatible Services

Bently Nevada offers the following services that will support your Trendmaster Pro in keeping your machinery in the best condition:

  • System Maintenance & Availability
  • Machinery Diagnostic Services
  • Machinery Health Audits
  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Site Project Management
  • System Integration Engineering
  • Design, Installation & Commissioning
  • Cyber System Hardening
  • Cyber Asset Risk Assessments
Trendmaster System Compatible Hardware

The Trendmaster Pro forms a truly comprehensive plantwide monitoring solution when used in conjunction with these other Bently Nevada products:

Trendmaster System Compatible Software

Until 2019 the Trendmaster Pro system was compatible only with Bently Nevada's legacy System 1 6.x software. However, since the 19.2 release it is also supported by the new flagship machinery condition software:

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