Optimize your drilling operations with logging-while-drilling (LWD) services from Baker Hughes. Our LWD tools deliver wireline-quality petrophysical data for enhanced formation evaluation and drilling at higher rates of penetration (ROPs). And with more accurate geosteering, you'll land your well in less time and at lower risk.


Improve well placement with formation evaluation while drilling

Detect lithology changes in real time with high-quality, highly customized gamma sensors. Improve directional drilling and well placement with probe-based or collar-mounted sensors that detect natural gamma levels in your reservoir. 

Our bulk density and neutron-porosity logging tools deliver nuclear measurements and formation density images that help quantify saturation, permeability, stratigraphy, and porosity.

Direct your wellbore into the most productive reservoir zones, and keep it there, with azimuthal gamma ray and propagation resistivity logs of your formation. 

Quantify your reservoir’s recoverable hydrocarbon volumes with magnetic resonance services that accurately estimate porosity, fluid types, and permeability—regardless of lithology.


Measure formation pressures while drilling

Evaluate your reservoir’s production potential while mitigating against potential drilling hazards with our formation pressure logging services. By determining fluid mobility, our logging systems accurately measure formation pressure while minimizing nonproductive time associated with drilling into pressure-depleted formations. 


Capture borehole images and acoustic data while drilling

Our borehole Imaging services deliver high-resolution images for improved structural classification, sedimentary analysis, and steering. And our acoustic logging tools help determine formation depth and thickness as well as early-onset borehole instabilities in both slow and fast formations. 

Borehole seismic-while-drilling services enhance surface seismic resolution, enable depth correlation to logs, and image stratigraphic and structural anomalies – all of which help reduce downhole uncertainty. 


Stay in the zone with complete reservoir navigation

Our Reservoir Navigation Services combine real-time LWD sensors, directional data, and formation models to target your bottomhole assembly to the most productive zone. You’re assured optimal entry to maintain the wellbore where you want it while avoiding reservoir exits. 

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to learn how our logging-while-drilling services can lower the risks, time, and costs of your well construction.

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