Optimize and improve production with field-proven MultiStage fracturing solutions and Baker Hughes GaffneyCline Energy Advisory. With industry-leading experience and in-depth technical support for all completion methodologies, Baker Hughes can help you improve operational efficiency and increase recovery in unconventional wells. 

Our integrated, multidiscipline teams comprise experts in formation evaluation, geoscience and geomechanics, reservoir modeling and simulation, reservoir engineering, and well production. The application expertise of our teams, in combination with our innovative single- and multiple-entry fracturing systems, simplify operations and cut frac cycle times to get your wells online faster. We can combine multiple isolation methods into a single system to optimize stimulation and provide maximum efficiency at all lateral depths — even in extended-reach wells. 

Baker Hughes knows that proppant flow back is tough on equipment, and on your investment. As a result, we take a holistic approach that starts with understanding your reservoir, ending with a solution that addresses the unique challenges of each well.  Choose from a wide variety of MultiStage screening technologies—wire-mesh screens, wrap-on-pipe screens, and screen inflow control technology—to achieve reliable downhole performance and production longevity in cased and openhole installations. 


Enhanced well production and hydrocarbon recovery

Our teams can help you make better business decisions and improve production performance. We leverage experienced production and reservoir specialists, who model and interpret data in mature fields that have been successfully produced and now require improved recovery processes to extract their remaining value. Our team can help you conduct reservoir performance analyses to identify bypassed areas, and determine the most profitable approach to recover hydrocarbons from them, with OptiStriker Systems.

When you work with Baker Hughes, you get an experienced provider with a comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from virgin reservoir analysis to refrac planning and execution. The result: efficient and effective operations.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to find out how we can design your next completion and improve your recovery factors.

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