Subsurface flow control systems are critical to controlling production and maintaining downhole equipment integrity for the life of your wells. The Baker Hughes portfolio of flow control systems delivers comprehensive production management—both within the tubing and in the annular space between your casing and tubing.  

Well-proven, highly reliable tools span every subsurface flow control need: 

Nippleless completion technology

Easily deploy workover tools and run bridge plugs with no diameter restrictions to the production string. 

Production bridge plugs

Set anywhere in the tubing string via slickline, electric line, or coiled tubing.  

Velocity and straddle systems

Increase gas velocity or isolate a section of tubing—all from the same tool that is reliably run and set in a single trip.   

Sliding sleeves

Shift open or closed multiple times to enable communication between the tubing and annulus for circulation or selective-zone production.   

Locking systems

Reliably lock when and where required to maintain one-seal bore diameter along the entire production string. 

Flow regulators

Regulate flow into multiple zones during water flood applications, with low plugging risks and less frequent replacement of expensive parts.  

Let’s work together to develop the right subsurface flow control solution to optimize your production, minimize your equipment repairs, and extend the operating life of your assets. 

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