• Maximize connectivity between the reservoir and the wellbore
  • Stabilize the subsurface for long-term production
  • Make informed completion decisions with critical downhole data
  • Reduce risks, costs, and nonproductive time (NPT)
  • Conventional onshore wells
  • Unconventional and long lateral wells
  • Deepwater and subsea multilaterals


Maximize the long-term performance of your wells with well completion services from Baker Hughes. From the reservoir to the production facility, our integrated completions technologies and service expertise help you optimize reservoir recovery and maintain reliable production control.  


Delivering completion solutions for every wellbore

From onshore wells to complex subsea multilaterals, we have the products and services to address any completion challenge. Draw from the industry’s broadest completion portfolio—including tubular running systems, liner hangers, cementing valves, gas lift, and subsurface flow control—each thoroughly tested before delivery to your well. The result: a complete downhole infrastructure that installs with minimal risk and rig time to optimize production for the life of your asset.


Driving value with proven stimulation and remediation solutions

Boost the production rates from your wells with our wide-ranging well-stimulation services. For onshore and offshore wells alike, we offer state-of-the-art stimulation and frac vessels, packers, acid systems, frac fluids, proppants, and flowback aids to help you improve production and extend field life—all while lowering your per-barrel operating costs.


Digitizing downhole performance

Make faster and more informed production decisions with our Intelligent completions and electronic well monitoring solutions. Our downhole flowmeters, pressure and temperature monitors, and chemical injection systems give you remote and real-time monitoring, data-driven analytics, and control capabilities to manage production flow and address subsurface challenges early—before they require an expensive well intervention.


Assuring asset integrity and flow

Maximize production uptime while protecting your subsurface equipment with our sand control and flow assurance technologies. Choose from sand screens, multizone stimulation systems, and gravel-pack tools to improve reservoir connectivity while protecting downhole equipment from excessive solids production.  And our proven corrosion and asphaltene inhibition systems provide long-lasting protection against corrosion and deposit buildup on your downhole tubing.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to learn how we can help you confidently complete your well. 

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