• Can be tested with steam at Baker Hughes factory before delivery
  • Engineered for high availability and reliability, and optimized maintenance plan
  • Various value-added services (conversions, modifications, upgrades, repairs) to improve maintainability and operating cost

  • Condensing and back-pressure, multiple extractions/injections for process needs, multiple bleedings for higher cycle efficiency
  • Single, back-to-back, double-flow configs for non-reheat and reheat cycles; axial/radial exhaust, baseplate or concrete-mounted
  • Fast start-up and stress-based rotor control capability optimize performance for daily starts, peaking operation, etc.

  • Geared or direct coupling with electric generator; onshore and offshore installations
  • Oil and gas API: downstream, midstream, upstream, power generation
  • Industrial: combined cycles including heat and power, biomass, waste to energy, geothermal, thermal solar, captive



Our steam turbines are complete power generation solutions for industrial and oil and gas applications—responding to energy demand with best-in-class efficiency and low total cost of ownership.


Power range
2-120 MW
Inlet rating options
Frequency and generator type
50/60 Hz, 2 poles and 4 poles
Controlled extraction
Internal, up to 2
Multiple externally controlled
Start-up capability
Up to daily
In-line, double flow, re-heat back-to-back, or double casing
Exhaust arrangement
Axial or radial
Low vacuum capabilities
Erosion protection control features
Special materials
Available for highly corrosive environments


Renewables for energy transition

Baker Hughes's technologies offer best-in-class efficiency in a wide range of power generation applications, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We provide advanced solutions for a wide range for renewable industries, complying with specific requirements of each application: operation flexibility for biomass and waste-to-energy; optimized load ramp-up and daily starts for concentrated solar plants; corrosion resistant materials for aggressive geothermal steam contaminants.


Combined cycles

Combined-cycle plants are under increasing pressure to chase variable wind and solar resources. The flexibility and reliability improvements provided by our technologies will play an increasingly important role in maintaining plants' economic viability.


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