Baker Hughes steam turbines draw their high efficiency and reliability from decades leading technology development and proven in-field experience of our multiple steam and gas turbine lines.

Our modular design approach is extremely flexible in meeting the unique requirements of each project while delivering best-in-class reliability and efficiency. To optimize performance at frequently starting power plants, our units have fast start-up and stress-based rotor control capability.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Condensing and back pressure units
  • Multiple extractions or injections
  • Single or double flow configurations
  • Axial or radial exhaust
  • Baseplate and concrete mounted solutions

Our SC/SAC/SNC/SANC series steam turbines have both impulse and reaction blades for top efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions. Used in condensing or backpressure configurations, their modular design enables a high degree of customization to meet specific steam-cycle needs.

Our MP/MC/P/C series steam turbines feature an impulse design with simple architecture and easy maintenance requirements. They are reliable and compact solutions for small power generation, boiler feedwater pump drivers, and marine applications.


Steam turbines family overview
Power (MW)
2 to 120
Speed range (rpm)
3,000 to 17,000
Rated steam conditions, bar (psi) / °C (°F)
140 (2,030) / 565 (1,050)
Condensing LP stages 50Hz / 60 Hz
up to 31’’ / up to 25’’
Max backpressure, bar (psi)
60 (870)



Product safety

A relentless pledge to safety underpins the entire lifecycle of all our products. We're committed to acting with integrity and managing risk across our enterprise—in design, manufacturing, testing, servicing, and in monitoring our global installed fleet.

The product safety culture in Turbomachinery & Process Solution is nurtured through our pillars:

  • Accountability and commitment
  • From reactive to proactive
  • Governance
  • Functional and process safety
  • Customer value

Product safety is everyone's responsibility at Baker Hughes. It's entrenched in our core values to lead, collaborate, grow, and care; and it’s a vital part of every-day life at all our facilities worldwide.

Steam Turbines Flexible

Well-known, flexible technology

Baker Hughes steam-turbine technologies are widely respected and used for their modular design flexibility that enables customization to suite diverse API and industrial applications. With over 1,100 units and 14 GW installed, our designs are well proven around the world.

Steam Turbines Performance

High performance and reliability

To minimize on-site assembly and rotor balancing, all our steam turbines are preassembled and fully tested with steam at our factory before delivery to the customer. Mechanical running tests and string tests are available on request.

To reduce maintenance needs, we offer an advanced seals option. We also provide a wide range of value-added services, including conversions, modifications, upgrades, and repairs to improve maintainability and operating costs over the entire lifecycle.

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