The ideal well intervention program should solve your problems, not add to them. That’s why Baker Hughes has assembled the industry’s premier expert teams and portfolio to help you design and execute the most effective and efficient well intervention programs possible.

  • Get your drilling programs back on track with fast, reliable fishing and sidetracking operations
  • Ensure your wellbore is clean before installing the completion
  • Limit production downtime and improve reservoir flow with customized conventional or through-tubing remediation and stimulation services
  • And, when the time comes, safely and efficiently plug and abandon your well with confidence

Add value while overcoming any potential challenges throughout the productive life of your well with Baker Hughes’s broad portfolio of well intervention services. From wellbore cleanup to fishing services, casing exits, through-tubing intervention, inflatable systems, service tools, coiled-tubing stimulation systems, and smart intervention systems, our custom solutions are designed to support your productivity by combining Baker Hughes expertise and a range of equipment for practical use.

Our team of experienced engineers can help you maintain optimal performance across your well operations, even in the event of issues that can limit production. Baker Hughes partners with you to strategically and efficiently clean and remove debris before completion, safely suspend production during storms or planned maintenance, conduct remediation and stimulation to rejuvenate production, sidetrack existing wells to reach new targets, and carry out safe and effective plug and abandonment.

Well intervention has various advantages, including:

  • Operate more efficiently
  • Solve more unforeseen problems with ease
  • Rejuvenate production
  • Make informed decisions with access to critical data
  • Reduce risk and nonproductive time (NPT)
  • Boost ROI while reducing cost

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to find out how we can help you intervene cost-effectively, easily, and efficiently.

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Well intervention

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