• Reduces intervention time by providing more data in a single run
  • Provides real-time flow distribution
  • Reduces job time, trips downhole, and costs

  • Heavy oil wells
  • Multiphase flow profiling and producing and injection wells
  • Acid stimulation and water shut-off optimization

The SureVIEW TeleCoil intelligent monitoring and telemetry service provides critical downhole logging data through distributed acoustic and temperature monitoring, for more targeted interventions and stimulations in a single run.



The SureVIEW TeleCoil intelligent monitoring and telemetry service combines data gathering and customized data analysis and remediation in a single run for faster response time during the execution phase. Current systems rely on production logging tools or, in highly viscous reservoirs, memory acoustic tools to measure flow distribution. These require dedicated logging runs followed by additional runs to stimulate, treat, or shift sleeves. To confirm the effectiveness of the second run, a further logging run is then required. The SureVIEW TeleCoil intelligent monitoring and telemetry service enables multiphase flow profiling such as distribution and type of flow, to perform and confirm the treatment in a single run. And, unlike traditional logging tools that require multiple passes at different running speeds, acoustic data is obtained in a short duration with the coiled tubing string stationary at the end of the well. This further shortens operational time and reduces the running footage and fatigue on the coiled tubing string.



Using a continuous temperature profile from along the wellbore, you can optimize acid and diverter placement by enabling uniform treatment of the appropriate zones – resulting in a more efficient stimulation. After the service records a baseline temperature, subsequent temperature measurements are recorded and communicated to the surface at various stages during acid treatments enabling real-time adjustments—improving stimulation efficiency, and optimizing fluid treatment volumes.


Get a clear picture of what’s happening downhole

Fully compatible with existing TeleCoil system sensors and adapters, real-time data transmitted via the electric cable in the hybrid system lets you see things like downhole pressure, temperature, and depth accuracy for both cased and openhole (CCL and gamma) environments, as well as downhole force and inclination. This data provides a clear picture of what is happening downhole so that you can make fact-based operational decisions in real time. Downhole force and pressure data are fully compatible with Baker Hughes CIRCA™ real-time on-the-job modelling software and integrate with your intelligent injector control system to automatically stop in the event that surface or downhole pre-set weight limits are reached.

The SureVIEW TeleCoil​​​​​​​ intelligent monitoring and telemetry service also utilizes the highest powered electrical cable of any hybrid system on the market. This higher powered cable allows a greater range of electrical actuated tool systems compared to competitor hybrid systems. And, because the SureVIEW TeleCoil​​​​​​​ intelligent monitoring and telemetry service uses the electric line exclusively for BHA sensors and logging tools, rig up time is much shorter compared to competitor systems who have to make both electric and fiber connections to the sensors.


With fiber optics, you can optimize operations through distributed temperature and acoustic data, so you can listen to your whole well in real time.

Fiber optics give you positive confirmation of:

•           Which zones require acid stimulation or diversion

•           Which zones require water shut-off treatment

•           Flow distribution along the wellbore

The intelligent coiled tubing pump-through tools utilize real-time operational data to enhance decision making by providing depth optimization, pressure, temperature, and downhole forces to personnel in the field and observing remotely.  Additionally, the ability to run logging tools, perforating guns and downhole cameras remains available.

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