The most important goals to Baker Hughes in thru-tubing intervention are to get to depth effectively, perform any downhole operations efficiently, and get out of hole quickly so you can resume production with as little disruption as possible.

When you have to run a bottomhole assembly (BHA) through casing or production tubing, you need a trusted provider with broad capabilities and a proven track record. Our thru-tubing fishing, milling, cleanout, perforating, and stimulating services deliver the reliability and efficiency you expect with a combination of downhole technology and field-level know-how.

Beginning with job plans designed with industry-leading modeling software, we help you reduce operational uncertainty. With real-time monitoring and job model updates, we can adjust operational limits to help ensure success, while also protecting personnel and equipment.

From complex thru-tubing interventions in deepwater wells to extended-lateral plug milling in unconventional shales, we are committed to giving you the best shot at operational success and improved profitability.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to find out how we can help you resume operations quickly with thru-tubing intervention solutions.

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Thru-tubing intervention