• Perform milling with no damage to parent casing
  • Reduce total number of trips downhole
  • Reduce rig time

  • Milling selective casing for plug and abandonment (P&A)
  • Milling operations for permanent production packers
  • Milling windows in casing



Reduce the time and cost of your milling operations with advanced milling technology (AMT) tools from Baker Hughes.

During your well intervention jobs, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical. Technologies like our AMT™ section mill provide both—letting you perform a range of milling operations in less time and lower cost, including milling loose joints of pipe, perforated casing in production zones, and old casing.

Achieve longer milling runs with METAL MUNCHER™ AMT cutters. This durable technology provides several efficiency improvements in a number of applications:

  • Increased milling penetration rates, even through corrosion resistant alloys
  • Extended effective time on bottom in high-volume milling applications
  • Improved swarf removal
  • Greater flexibility during the milling process

Our AMT solutions have a proven track record of effective milling performance in just one trip, which translates to significant reductions in overall rig time, less nonproductive time, and a faster turnaround time to get the well back into production.

Contact us to learn how Baker Hughes advanced milling technology solutions can optimize the efficiency and lower the risks of your well interventions.

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