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Bently Nevada offers a plant-wide, holistic suite of machine condition monitoring solutions to help you achieve the highest level of asset reliability possible. Our experienced field engineers provide technical training leveraging 60 years of domain expertise. You will benefit from comprehensive hands-on courses, starting at fundamentals to in-depth diagnostics on rotating machinery and other production equipment. With the acquisition of ARMS Reliability, Bently Nevada provides a complete solution on Asset Performance Management (APM) with trainings on asset management strategy and reliability. Our partnership with Mobius Institute completes our training portfolio with accredited certification for asset reliability and condition monitoring specialists.

Bently Nevada technical training programs provide the skills and confidence required to protect and control your machinery and to optimize the performance and reliability of your equipment. Bently Nevada work with you to build a training plan that is best adapted to your needs.

Overall, it will maximize your return-on-investment in our Bently Nevada asset health solutions by ensuring machinery availability and reliability, by avoiding unplanned events and limiting production disruption risks and costs.

Training Options

You can select the training solution matching your operational and financial constraints:

  • In-house training to provide standard public trainings to raise skills of your engineers  with optimized costs in one of our training centers
  • Onsite training to provide standard & customized trainings to a team in your facility for reduced T&L cost
  • Remote learning for your team to learn anywhere with engaging session with live instructor, virtual machines, and step-by-step self-paced workshops.

Training Features
Modular Training

Our portfolio includes training modules on monitoring, diagnostics, and reliability. Our training is designed to build your core competency and skill level to progress you through the learning curve from novice to expert. Combining theory and practice, you will learn both the “why” and the “how-to”, to implement learnings at your site with confidence. You can register today on a public session in one of our training locations or require a private session at your site.


Bently Nevada recommends some step-by-step curriculum to grow the knowledge and expertise of your instrumentation and diagnostics team helping you in better monitoring your machines and solving potential issues.  Curriculum can be customized to your profile, assets and specific learning objectives. Your team will leverage Bently Nevada culture, practice and expertise.

Skills Development Program

Bring your team to a higher confidence and competence level with our customized and flexible program, based on proven technical competency matrix. Bently Nevada works with you to develop a comprehensive Skills Development Program specifically designed to address your needs. Training will be combined with onsite On-the-Job-Training to ensure learned methodology is put into practice in the day-to-day job. Some coaching sessions complete the program to go one step further or fill-in any gap. This program will help you to build sustainable competencies and maximize your return on investment in condition monitoring and reliability

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Remote Training
Bently Nevada Advanced Courses
Back to Basics Video Learning Series
Back to Basics Video Learning Series

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