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Christine Evers
Global Commercial Training Leader

For plant and industry operators, improving the reliability of their assets is a necessity. Some international companies started their journey in reliability continuous improvement and with the implementation of the latest Bently Nevada System 1, enabling Asset Performance Management (APM), they will proactively manage their fleet around the world with real-time insights from asset data. The platform will aggregate all asset type information from every connected site allowing data integration, visualization, and analytics. This extended fleet-wide visibility will provide clarity of asset health across the entire enterprise to take efficient operational decisions to reduce unplanned equipment downtime, improve reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.

To reach such results, companies must consider the three core components of the business intelligence: technology, process, people. Each core component must have equal focus as any unequal attention will make the journey more difficult and the results less conclusive. Investing in an integrated APM solution induces activities to review processes to adjust operating modes. Not only will condition monitoring and reliability engineers see their daily work changing by nature, but predictive analytics will impact operations and maintenance planning. As asset performance management delivers insights based on operational data, companies enter a continuous process improvement dynamic, optimizing their processes and allocation of resources.

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Implement Agile Skills Development

The transformation to integrated APM, requires engineers to adjust and adopt not only the tool, the process but also the state of mind. Bently Nevada Service engineers are the domain expert who can support any company in their journey. By transferring their knowledge based on 60+ years of unmatched expertise and by ensuring Agile skills development, Bently Nevada is your Partner in achieving Asset Performance.

Collaboration, open communication, trust and independence, efficiency, and continuous delivery are the foundation of Agile for long-term positive results. Our Skills Development Program is powerful; Bently Nevada experts build with you a tailored program to develop know-how, build lifelong skills and enhance employees' confidence and performance. The program combines hands-on technical training, On-the-Job-Training and personalized coaching for incremental value. Based on Bently Nevada's own internal training approach, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your team with continuous development. Bently Nevada experts will support you in enabling collaboration, benchmarking across sites, and implementing best practices to optimize your operations.




Tailored Program

Bently Nevada works with you to develop a comprehensive Skills Development Program specifically designed to address your needs. It will help you to build sustainable competencies and maximize your return on investment in condition monitoring and reliability.

The first step is establishing a role-based competency matrix. This will be achieved by combining your organization's job descriptions with condition monitoring best practices from Bently Nevada. The team will be assessed against a competency matrix specific to their role to identify skills and competency gaps. Based on the skills gaps identified, condition technologies deployed at site and operational constraints, a roadmap to build sustainable competencies will be developed.

By using customized training content, our certified instructors will conduct training sessions at a Bently Nevada training center or at your site. During classroom courses, your team will exchange with experienced Field Engineers and practice on real cases and equipment. Training will be combined with onsite On-the-Job-Training (OJT) to ensure learned methodology is put into practice in the day-to-day job. Some coaching sessions complete the program to go one step further or fill-in any gap. Your employees, equipped with plant-specific knowledge and advanced knowledge on condition monitoring and reliability, will be able to extract maximum benefit from the solutions deployed.



Engaged and recognized employee towards retention

Bently Nevada have built curriculum to grow the knowledge and expertise of your instrumentation and diagnostics team. The technician or engineer go through the step-by-step curriculum before reaching to the next level. Experience is key and it is important to let time for your team to develop knowledge and skills. Between each training, your team can be supported by our Bently Nevada experts, for them to grow continuously with OJT and personalized coaching. Your team will leverage the Bently Nevada culture and expertise. As Nicolas Peton, Global Analytics Services Director, mentioned: "Don Bently's philosophy was always that an educated customer was a better customer. Bently Nevada spent years and a lot of energy to develop the techniques for analyzing rotor dynamic solutions and monitor rotating machines. Don Bently developed an elite team of engineers (MDS) with sound principles and understanding of how to do diagnostics. Our trainings are based on this history. We teach our methodology using years of experiences with hundreds of cases solved. Our goal when you come to our courses is not only to teach you this knowledge but also to cultivate a tight relationship with you to help you to solve issues with your machines and how to better monitor them".

If employees are constantly trained, it allows them to stay ahead and develop more and more qualifications. Training helps to retain employees and limits turnover. 71% of employees say training and development increases their job satisfaction and 61% of employees say upskilling is an important reason to stay in their job1. These figures show that investing in training is essential for a company. Employees who see training as a benefit are usually the most invested in their jobs, the most curious, the most motivated and the most committed. They see this investment from their employer as a sign of trust and encouragement to go further.


One of the most renowned and highly recognized certifications is the ISO 18436 Mobius certification. Bently Nevada developed a global partnership with Mobius: not only can our certified instructors provide ISO 18436 courses everywhere in the world but Mobius Institute Board of Certification just accredited Bently Nevada as one of the three Institutes to provide Mobius ISO 18436 Category IV classroom. Integrated in the diagnostic curriculum, "the ISO 18436 certification provides recognition and evidence that individuals are able to perform vibration measurements and analysis for machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics using a range of vibration measurement equipment. Getting your team confident in their job is invaluable." states Dr. Peter Popaleny, ISO VCAT IV instructor, Machinery Diagnostics Technical Leader at Bently Nevada.

Building a solid team and training them is key to face increasing turnover and retain your talents. Gartner2 estimates that each departing employee costs $18,591 in lost turnover and Gartner adds that this cost is likely even higher due to intangible losses such as the organizational knowledge, skills and experiences that employees take with them. Due to the high costs associated with turnover, companies need to be constantly looking for ways to improve retention. Investing in skills development is one solution.

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Christine Evers

Global Commercial Training Leader


Christine Evers has worked for Bently Nevada for over 5 years as Regional Training Manager for Europe, Russia and Caspian countries. She is now supporting all the regions in answering customers’ needs in technical training.

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