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Analytic Insights encompasses the collection of proven Bently Nevada machine health monitoring analytics built around our decades of subject matter expertise and engineered to provide a variety of machinery insights from the edge to the Cloud. Our dedicated service experts utilize physics-based calculations, machine learning and AI technology to collaborate with customers and help them manage their plant more efficiently by driving attention to the most troublesome assets. In addition, our customers have the unique ability to build and deploy custom rules across their fleets.

asset integrity management software

Why Analytic Insights

mechanical integrity software
Flexible deployment

Deploy pre-packaged or custom rules

Enables users the ability to create and deploy their own custom rules, but also has a suite of pre-packaged analytic offerings utilizing data collected by System 1 

pi system management tools
Maximize asset health

Drive efficiency across fleets

Leverages advanced analytic techniques bolstered by physics-based failure mode categorization and allows first-principle approach to deliver actionable information rather than statistical probabilities and intermediate results.

asset performance management
Increase productivity

Enable quicker decision-making

Provides operators with a robust connection gateway with standard cloud to cloud interfacing, enabling seamless interoperability and eliminating tedious manual review of data to identify problems


Failure Mode Diagnostics
Analytics as a Service
asset performance management power
asset performance management power

Bently Performance 


Bently Performance monitors the thermodynamic performance of a variety of assets including gas turbines, steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, pumps, generators, and other rotary equipment. Executing calculations based on ASME PTC codes, Bently Performance helps customers answer the question: how efficient is my equipment? 

Decision Support
Decision Support
Failure Mode Diagnostics

Decision Support


Decision Support provides the ability to design and deploy custom rules that help you capture, disseminate, and leverage knowledge of your equipment, processes, and business solutions all within the System 1 AHM software. In addition, the pre-packaged analytic library provides new insight into equipment and process behavior by analyzing mechanical, process and auxiliary data. These analytics combine physics models with Bently Nevada expertise to automatically diagnose failure modes.

Partnering for more robust analytic solutions

Bently Nevada is a proud contributor to the Industrial Asset Management (IAM) framework of Baker Hughes. Our analytics offer a clear understanding of machine health and drive operational efficiency for our customers.

Baker Hughes has also invested in a multi-year commercial alliance with Augury, a leading machine health solution provider. The alliance with Augury will bring a new capability to the Bently Nevada portfolio, combining sensors with powerful AI capabilities and collaboration tools for scalable monitoring and detection of balance of plant equipment. 

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