Portable Condition Monitoring 

The SCOUT200 series data collectors feature a powerful suite of capabilities and deliver a sophisticated toolset and signal processing that today’s practitioners expect for rolling element bearing diagnostics, gears diagnostics, balancing, bump testing, modal analysis, multi-channel analysis, and much more.

These revolutionary wearable data collectors deliver unparalleled ergonomics and unmatched flexibility when it comes to the choice of screen size, or device form factor, and the choice of additional complementary applications that can run on the same device.

The SCOUT200 series works seamlessly with System 1 condition monitoring software bringing plantwide data into a single environment with no compromise. Features developed for portable data collector focus on users’ needs - tools for rolling element bearings, gears, and belts analysis. A built-in bearing types library. Intuitive navigation. Statistical alarms. Ability to clone configurations, and more.

SCOUT200 What's New Version 23.2

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Performance and Safety

The SCOUT200 series devices are intrinsically safe, and suitable for Zone 0/1 and Div 1 environments globally. 

Handheld devices are the basis for the user interface. Available from a variety of suppliers, with a variety of industrially ruggedized packaging, and a variety of hazardous area approvals.

With a single press of a button, capture six vibration readings simultaneously with spectrum and waveform. 

The “Quick Config” feature automatically implements alarming methodologies based on global industry standards.

Repair / Calibration services for Bently Nevada SCOUT and Commtest vb Series 

For any repair or calibration request related to the SCOUT or Commtest vb Series, please connect at https://store.bakerhughes.com/ and register for access/login to create a Return Material Authorization (RMA) request or contact TechSupport for issue resolution before submitting a request for repair.

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Vibration Analysis & Data Collection Products
Features common to all series of Portables

Bently Nevada's portable vibration analysis monitors come with a variety of features to best suit your needs. Whether you need a vibration meter that can withstand a hazardous area or vibration sensors with technical support and Bluetooth connections, we've got the vibration analyzers and data collection solutions you need. 

  • On-route & Off-route - for all measurement types: waveforms, spectra, orbits, accel/veloc/displ/demod, process/keypad entry.
  • Analysis at Machine - Bump test, Time Sync Averaging, Order tracking/Sync sampling, Coast-down/Run-up (Interval Capture).
  • Rugged - drop tests (1.2m), waterproof (IP65+), long battery life (10+ hrs), light (≤ 1.2kg)
  • Fast data collection - with automatic settling algorithm, optimized sequencing, and 6Pack superquick measurements.
  • Multi-Channel - Our portable hardware monitoring devices supports multi-channel vibration data collection, analysis, and balancing. Between 1 and 4 channels simultaneous data acquisition, plus tach/keyphasor speed input.
  • Advanced Analytics - As applicable, includes a complete suite of advanced recording and analysis capabilities, including 6Pack recordings, coast down and long time waveform capture.
  • Hazardous Area Certified - SCOUT models certified for ATEX Zone 2 hazardous rating while vbSeries models rated for CSA Class 1, Division 2. Neck strap with integrated Sensor Keeper restrains the device while walking or climbing to reach other machines.
  • Intrinsically Safe (IS) - Options include Intrinsically Safe hazardous-rated portable data collectors certified for ATEX Zone 1 and CSA Class 1 Zone 1 hazardous areas.
  • Offers Channel Options - Available in 2 channel (SCOUT220-IS) or 4 channel (SCOUT240-IS) configurations.
  • Connects with Bluetooth - The data collector uses Bluetooth to communicate with the industrial handheld smartphone or tablet that are rated for hazardous environments.


Portable Vibration Analyzers and Data Collectors  | Bently Nevada
SCOUT200 Series Product Features

Bently Nevada’s SCOUT200 series is comprised of easy to use, small form-factor portable vibration data collectors. The SCOUT220-IS (2 channel) and SCOUT240-IS (4 channel) is Intrinsically Safe (IS) hazardous-rated portable data collector designed for ATEX Zone 1 and CSA Class 1 Zone 1 hazardous areas.

The SCOUT200 series represents the next generation of smarter, intrinsically safe portable data collectors from Bently Nevada.

• Modern - de-couples data acquisition and display, uses rugged industrial Android handhelds
• Flexible - choose compact 5"" screen for data collection, or large 8"" tablet for analysis
• Connected - WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, Internet, other apps...
• Intrinsically Safe - Full IS-rated SCOUT200, with same full performance as non-rated COMMTEST200

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Related Bently Nevada Services

Take advantage of these services to establish your portables-based program and keep it at top performance:

• Database configuration & setup
• Data collection services
• Data analysis & reporting
• Machinery Health Audits
• Hosted Data Solutions
• Maintenance & Support Agreements
• Training

Scout 200 vibration analyzer in Use condition monitoring applications
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Something for every asset

In addition to the most important assets found in industrial facilities, there are often a host of “supporting” assets that make up the balance of the plant such as pumps, motors, blowers, heat exchangers, fans, and others. This auxiliary or plant-wide equipment may be spared or unspared, and its impact on the process stream may vary from moderate to minor. Regardless, such machines—just like their more highly important counterparts—can benefit from Condition Monitoring

Check out our plantwide solutions brochure as well as these other Bently Nevada products:

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Bently Nevada Software

With Bently Nevada, you have one software program for all your assets and hardware solutions- from online protection and condition monitoring, to online, scanning, wireless and portable condition monitoring solutions.  All Portables work seamlessly with Bently Nevada's flagship machinery condition monitoring software:

System 1 and Scout



A Single Solution for Plantwide Condition Monitoring

Learn how innovative products like the SCOUT series of portable vibration analyzers, and many other products and services, all contribute to a real-time, plantwide condition monitoring solution.

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