In August 2022, Baker Hughes announced its agreement to acquire the Power Generation division of BRUSH Group from One Equity Partners. The acquisition supports our strategic commitment to lead in providing decarbonization solutions for the natural gas industry and historically hard-to-abate sectors. The addition of BRUSH™ Power Generation technologies will enhance our electrification offering and supports strategic commitment to provide cleaner energy solutions.

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The BRUSH Power Generation division delivers solutions that are engineered to perform, built to last, and supported for the entire lifecycle. Customers call on our solutions to meet the most challenging requirements for power generation, grid stabilization, and decarbonization through electrification.

Our life-cycle support follows a consultative approach with end users to cover a range of reliability services, upgrade solutions, and extension programs. When an operators' mission will carry on beyond the design life, we offer drop-in replacements that minimize engineering and down-time.

Our technical support service offers 24/7/365 access to our team of highly experienced service engineers.

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With over a century of experience, knowledge, and innovation embedded in the designs, our electric machine configurations are custom engineered to meet unique operating conditions for utilities, packaged mobile, FPSOs, offshore, and renewable applications like geothermal and concentrated solar plants.

Synchronous Condensers

Synchronous Condensers

Synchronous condensers are a critical technology for the energy transition as some forms of synchronous generation are removed from service and replaced by renewables.  This technology replaces key grid stability characteristics unique to synchronous generations such as inertia contribution, short-circuit contribution and reactive power compensation.



Electrification of mechanical drive processes is a key technology for customers to enable decarbonization with an upside of flexible operations planning and potential increases in availability.  Synchronous motors are capable of driving some of the largest centrifugal compressors in critical application such as natural gas pipelines, production of LNG and other hydrocarbon processing.  

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