People first, energy forward

Our people performance snapshot highlights our biggest achievements from the past year.

Read more on our people performance snapshot HERE.

We invest in diverse representation and inclusion
  • 150+ nationalities represented with 79% of employees outside of the U.S.
  • Increase in women employee representation by 0.4% points YoY (19.1% to 19.5%)
  • Women in STEM increased by 2.1% points YoY (12.1% to 14.2%)
  • Increase in people of color representation in the U.S. by 2.2% points (36.1% to 38.3%)
  • $410 million spent with diverse suppliers and small businesses
  • In 2023, our inclusion index scored 70.0% and culture index scored 66.0% 


We commit to help our people thrive
  • Total attrition rate decreased YoY by 1.8% points (12.0 to 10.2%) and voluntary attrition by 1.6% points (8.6% to 7.0%)
  • ~10,000 external hires, including apprentices/internships, 22.9% women
  • An average of 22 hours per employee spent on all types of learning
  • 1,252 training completions of new sustainability modules and 32 live sessions for people leaders on inclusive leadership
  • 68.4% of employees received regular performance and career development reviews
We put people first


  • 15.5% of employees participated in an employee resource group (ERG), a 12.2% increase YoY (from 8,099 to 9,085 members)
  • We contributed $64 million dollars to the communities in which we live and work
  • Our volunteer hours increased by 43.7% YoY (from 27,181 to 39,064 hours)
  • We committed to offer a competitive compensation and a broad benefit portfolio

Our people goals

Our people strategy begins and ends with the success of our employees and the communities in which we work.

Ensure we attract, retain, and develop diverse talent
Commit to progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion
Engage with communities in which we live and work
Embed sustainability as everyone's responsibility
Ensure we attract, retain, and develop diverse talent
We remain focused on attracting, retaining, and developing diverse talent who will take energy forward, making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet.


Our Employee Value Proposition
There’s nothing more exciting than working in an industry at a critical point of change. So there’s nothing like working at Baker Hughes.
Talent Development
Extensive and training solutions to develop talent and improve expertise
Commit to progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion
We are confident that the diversity of our people and an unyielding focus on an inclusive culture position us well to continue to drive innovation, operational effectiveness and strong financial performance as we move through the energy transition.


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
Our steadfast commitment to DEI is not merely part of an effective strategy—it is fundamentally critical to our success. Please explore our DEI page to learn more and to read our 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report.
Engage with communities in which we live and work
We believe in contributing to the communities where we live and work by sharing our time, talent, and resources. We are connecting globally and locally in new ways to drive scale and speed on solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges.


Community engagement
We focus on expanding and establishing volunteering networks globally. These volunteer networks leverage champions to establish a regular cadence for connecting employees with volunteering opportunities in the local area.
Embed sustainability as everyone's responsibility
Driving change towards sustainable energy development requires a sustainability mindset across all employees. Through specific efforts geared at embedding habits of sustainability across our businesses and functions, our people help us take energy forward, delivering our strategy — for people and the planet.


Instilling habits of sustainability
Through specific efforts geared at embedding habits of sustainability across our businesses and functions, our people help us take energy forward, delivering our strategy — for people and the planet.
The role of people in driving change
Empowering employees to identify the opportunities to embed sustainability where and how it fits into their team provides ownership and accountability.

Our workforce in 2023

Our workforce grew YoY from ~55,000 to ~58,000 employees.



A commitment to help our people thrive



“When I look back over the best times of my 30-year career with the Company, having and working with the best teams come first to mind.  Diversity is so important not only in terms of culture, race, gender, but also in terms of diversity of thought. I’ve learned that different perspectives bring different outcomes and solutions to problems and also create winning teams and winning results. The connection between culture, well-being, and general happiness at work directly correlates to how teams and businesses perform, and I have found that the best performance comes from happy and diverse teams.”

Christina Andersen, Vice President, Industrial Valves and Gears

Attracting and identifying talent with a purpose

We believe our differences make us stronger, that unique perspectives fuel innovation, and that when people thrive, we all move forward.

For us, shaping the future of energy means having the freedom, support, and tools to define your own career path. We offer our people the platform to develop their skills and progress careers in a fast-moving and global environment.



"At Baker Hughes, diversity is the foundation of our culture. We create a space where everyone feels valued and respected, and where different perspectives are encouraged.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a core part of who we are, and it’s something we actively promote every day in how we hire and how we develop our employees. 

It’s about creating a sense of belonging and ensuring that everyone has a voice. I’m passionate about the way our organization embraces this, and I believe it’s essential to driving innovation and success."

Muzzamil Khider Ahmed, Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer - Enterprise HR

Competitive compensation and benefits

We offer our employees a competitive compensation and a broad portfolio of benefits, for example:

  • Total rewards packages tailored for each country
  • Healthcare, life and disability programs globally
  • Medical and life insurance benefit package
  • Flexible benefits promoting physical, emotional and financial well-being
  • In case of unavoidable workforce reduction plan, severance payments, outplacement assistance and services in many locations are provided
  • Global Parental Leave Policy to all employees

People spotlights on progress

Find more information about how we are aligning with UN SDGs HERE:



UN SDG Target 3.1

Parental Leave program

Our Global Parental Leave Policy has expanded parental leave coverage paid at full base pay in all countries where we have employees, promoting employees to take time off while being compensated.



UN SDG Target 5.c

Parental Leave benefits

Our Global Parental Leave Policy grants a minimum of 18 weeks of parental leave for the primary parent regardless of gender identity. By removing gender identity as the determining factor of parental leave, we are enabling a more gender equitable process.

UN SDG Target 4.a

Upgrading educational facilities

One of our employee teams organized a charity golf tournament with over 50 golfers from the Bonny Island neighborhood. Proceeds were used to purchase 100 classroom desks and chairs for two community elementary schools in Bonny Island, Nigeria.

UN SDG Target 10.2

Hiring in an inclusive way

In partnership with Potentia (in North America) and Specialisterne (in Italy), we launched an autistic-designed and led program, intentionally focused to hire neurodiverse talent using a strengths-based approach.

UN SDG Target 10.3

Skills to lead inclusively

In partnership with Learning and Development, the DEI team launched three new courses on Leading Inclusively, Cultural Intelligence, and Unconscious Bias. They conducted 32 sessions globally to equip employees with the tools that are essential for an inclusive culture.

UN SDG Target 15.2

One Tree Planted

By issuing our third grant to One Tree Planted, it enabled the non-profit organization to achieve a total of 1 million trees planted across 17 countries from the Foundation’s contributions. The 2023 award will promote global reforestation efforts, in the amount of ~382,000 trees.