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  • Resident: 4-month technical & leadership training in Florence for customers' young talents
  • Localized: customized version of the program delivered at customers locations worldwide
  • Senior: 1-2 weeks in Florence or by distance for customers' mid and senior leaders

  • Highly selected energy industry talents from Baker Hughes’ customers' companies
  • Talents with strong academic records, technical backgrounds, and good English proficiency
  • Talents showing a positive approach toward life-long learning in a multicultural environment

  • 1,250+ industry professionals graduated so far
  • 550+ from Resident programs, 650+ from Localized courses and 30+ from Senior programs
  • Representing over 140 customers companies from 40 countries




Operating since 2005, the Baker Hughes University is a learning accelerator aimed at developing our customers’ best talents through a unique and high-quality training experience in an inspirational, multicultural environment.

Our main goal is to develop energy-industry leaders, offering them the opportunity to be part of a global multicultural network based on knowledge-sharing, and to discuss trends and future technologies of the energy sector.

We offer a range of exclusive training programs dedicated to highly selected industry professionals, including customized and blended courses with distance-learning methodology.

Each program is specifically designed for different roles at our customers’ companies, to broaden participant knowledge and strengthen their skills from technical to leadership.



The Baker Hughes University governance structure is led by a President, Vice President, Director and two bodies—the Advisory Board and the Scientific Committee—with representatives of Baker Hughes leadership.

The Advisory Board, composed of Baker Hughes VIPs, aims to provide direction to influence and shape the strategy of the Baker Hughes University as well as offering didactic guidance to the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee, composed of Baker Hughes experts, is responsible for defining training modules and learning methods, choosing trainers and experts to be involved, and guiding program improvement and effectiveness according to the latest industry trends and Advisory Board direction.


Baker Hughes University never stops

Even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Baker Hughes University continues to help develop talents’ managerial and technical skills through an innovative learning path with continually updated content and a combination of distance learning and blended programs.

The programs delivered via distance learning are a flexible, digital training experience—attendees connect from their respective countries, with live interaction and engaging activities or sessions following on-demand.

Blended programs combine a mix of in-person learning in Florence (Italy) with virtual courses.

Baker Hughes University Distance Learning


Resident program

Tailored for young professionals, this unique four-month learning experience offers a comprehensive deep dive into the world of energy—providing the leadership and technical skills needed to manage the evolution of this complex and fast-paced industry.


Training topics
  • Leadership and management
  • Digital
  • Energy transition
  • Technology and innovation 
Attendees per University's edition
30 people maximum
Ideal candidate profile
  • Strong academic record and technical background 
  • 4-6 years working experience
  • English fluency 
  • Age: under 32 year
Learning methodology
  • In-person or blended course 
  • Final project work
Baker Hughes Florence Learning Center (Italy)
  • Plant visits to Florence and other Baker Hughes sites in Italy 
  • Hands-on
  • Virtual reality
  • Roundtable with Baker Hughes leaders
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Official opening and graduation ceremonies


Florence Learning Center


Localized courses

Over the years, we have conducted 20+ customized versions of the Baker Hughes University program in a 4-6-week format. These courses are delivered at Baker Hughes customer sites around the world, and are customized to each customer's needs.


Flexible, from 4 to 6 weeks
Customized to customer needs
25 people maximum
Ideal candidate profile
Selected by customer management
Customer sites worldwide
Official events
Opening and graduation ceremonies with Baker Hughes representatives


Baker Hughes University Localized Courses


Senior program

This intensive training path is specifically designed for middle and senior management. Highly selected leadership topics support participants in navigating a constantly changing world, and helping them increase professional networking.


1-2 weeks
Leadership skills
15 people maximum
Ideal candidate profile
  • Middle/senior managers
  • 10-15 years working experience
  • English fluency
Learning methodology
In-person or distance learning
Baker Hughes Florence Learning Center (Italy)


Baker Hughes University Senior Program



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