Robotic Inspection Solutions

As a world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT), Waygate Technologies delivers industrial-grade reliability and robustness to meet high quality standards. Our inspection solutions enable operators to plan outages more precisely and efficiently, thereby reducing downtime and cost.​

Our portfolio includes maneuverable crawler robots with multiple NDT payload options, high quality point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera systems and 3DLOC software to geotag data during the inspection to a digital twin. Altogether providing a complete solution for automated confined space inspections.​

With rental, purchase and subscription services available, we make it easy for owners and operators to embrace robotic inspection solutions increasing profitability of operations while boosting the safety of people and environment.​

In the Spotlight - Everest Ca-Zoom HD

With our newest PTZ camera, we deliver market leading image quality with an intuitive and portable interface, packaged all-in-one box to streamline your confined space inspections.

Product Portfolio

BIKE Robot product image front facing and profile view.
Mobile Robotics

The BIKE crawler is a truly ultra-mobile inspection platform. Where existing inspection crawlers are reaching their limits of accessibility and maneuverability, the BIKE platform is just beginning to perform.

Ca-Zoom HD camera all-in-one case image with camera erected.
PTZ Camera System​

The Everest Ca-Zoom HD delivers the power of more accurate inspection with superior image quality and lighting and the convenience of all-in-one transport box.​

3D LOC Digital Twin locating BIKE crawler robot
Digital Twin Software​

3DLOC software for confined space inspection allows you to precisely locate and navigate the BIKE or PTZ camera to location of interest, providing a baseline for repeating inspection tasks and the foundation for autonomous robotic inspection.​

In the Spotlight - Digital Twin

3D LOC - Localization and Mapping inside confined spaces

A novel approach to confined space robot localization. The technology provides full 3D spatial awareness of the robot in the asset and provides a 3D interactive robot control. Inspection data is automatically tagged with the precise position in the asset, and a digital twin containing all the inspection data is maintained. Inspection reports are generated automatically, and the data can be uploaded into asset performance management systems.


Our service offering ranges from industrial field service with a global network of partners to rental, calibration, maintenance of our devices.

Field Service & Inspection Consulting
Inspection Consulting and Proof of Concept

Our team of NDT experts can help to solve the most complex inspection problems.

Robotic Rentals

Our portfolio is available for rent in most regions of the globe.

Remote Support, Calibration & Repair​

To reduce the financial and technical burden associated with buying rental equipment RaaS provides access to state-of-the-art equipment with ease.

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