DXR 100S
Digital X-Ray  Detector (DXR) packages for cabinet integration 

Based on Waygate Technologies’ proven expertise in Industrial Radiography, the development of our most recent stationary digital X-ray detectors for floor and wall mounting is a logical progression to our product portfolio, helping customers to retrofit their radiographic inspection capabilities for a much higher quality and throughput level. 

Stationary X-Ray Inspection starts here 

With the DXR 100S-41M and DXR 200S-41M solutions, we are offering our industry-proven, Dynamic 41 detector technology as a standalone package for retrofits of existing X-ray facilities – from film to Digital Detector Array and image-intensifier based systems. The detectors combine increased sensitivity with higher, consistent image quality, a larger imaging area, faster frame rates, adaptive imaging modes, and a longer lifespan.  

The DXR S200 PRO detector provides very fast image acquisition (30 fps) with full resolution at premium image quality. 




  • Higher, consistant image quality
  • Higher resolution
  • Faster imaging
  • Larger active area 
  • Longer lifespan in industrial usage

  • Turbine blades
  • Welds
  • High throughput castings
  • Pipe Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Integrated manipulations systems

Technical Specifications DXR 100S and DXR 200S

Technical Specifications DXR S200 PRO

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