X-Ray Equipment Rentals
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Detectors, Generators, Tubes & Scanners

Our X-ray equipment rentals for industrial CT scanning include highly advanced detectors, generators, tubes, scanners, portables, and full kits to suit your business needs on a long-term or short-term basis. There are many reasons that an X-ray equipment rental may be the best option for your business. It is important to assess your current operations and determine if a rental is the right option for you.

Advantages of X-ray equipment rentals:

  • Minimize production and testing interruptions with quick turnaround times
  • Maximize cost efficiencies by eliminating the need to purchase equipment
  • Experience on-demand X-ray equipment rentals to suit your production needs
  • Receive discounts on rentals while Waygate Technologies is repairing your equipment
  • Try the latest technology of our detectors, generators, scanners, portables, and tubes

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Try First, Buy Later

When you use the Waygate Technologies X-ray equipment rental program, you'll have the opportunity to test drive highly advanced imaging equipment at a fraction of the price. You can see how they work and determine what works best for you. The best part? If you make the decision to purchase your X-ray equipment rental, you'll receive a rebate percentage of your rental fee credited toward your purchase.


Peak Demand

Businesses often experience cyclical peak times that require a temporary increase in production or general operation. In these cases, it may not make fiscal sense to invest capital in ownership of x-ray equipment. If you only require a detector, generator, tube, or scanner for a few days or even a few months to meet temporary business demands, then an X-ray equipment rental may be the best option.


Production Uptime

The demand for production doesn't stop when a crucial piece of equipment fails and requires extensive downtime for repair. Our detectors, generators, tubes and scanner rentals provide a cost-effective way to quickly get your production and outputs working properly after a system failure. We have a fast turnaround time for delivery, allowing your operations to continue with minimal interruption.


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Experience true peace of mind with precise, reliable and consistent results—without the burden of purchasing outright. Utilizing our rental program will help you reduce the burden of budget and place the focus back on optimizing your operations. 



Waygate technologies Lifetime solutions 

Our service solutions provide state-of-the art support through the lifecycle of our equipment. 

From installation to dismantling, our team provides both proactive and predictive services as well as long-term performance optimization to maximize the outcomes for your operation. 

Waygate Technologies - Lifetime Solutions
X-Ray Equipment Rentals
DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors Rentals

When you use the Waygate Technologies X-ray equipment rental program, you'll have access to our complete portfolio of DXR Digital X-ray Detectors. These wireless digital X-ray detectors use cutting edge technology for premium imaging capabilities. Digital X-ray machine rentals include:

  • DXR75P-HR
  • DXR140P-HC
  • DXR250RTE
  • …and more.
Dynamic 41 Digital X-Ray Detectors Rentals

Our X-ray machine rental program also includes the dynamic 41|100 and dynamic 41|200 X-ray detectors, the first products in Waygate Technologies' next generation industrial flat panel X-ray detector platform. These products are constructed with proprietary technology and optimized exclusively for rough and high-energy industrial X-ray applications. You can use our X-ray equipment rental program to test out their capabilities before you purchase.

ISOVOLT Titan|neo Generators Rentals

In addition to our detectors rentals, we also offer fast, on-demand delivery of our ISOVOLT Titan|neo generator. As one of the newest products in our coveted line of X-ray generators, the ISOVOLT Titan|neo powers a range of radiographic inspection technologies. By using the Waygate Technologies X-ray equipment rental program, you can take back the control of your current processes. Whether you're bounded by time or dealing with a generator in repair, our ISOVOLT Titan|neo X-ray equipment rental program will help you enhance operational safety quickly.

X-Ray Tube Housings & Kits Rentals

To cover most of the industry's applications, we offer a wide range of x-ray tube housing rentals from 160KV to 450KV. In combination with our ISOVOLT generators and high voltage cables we have created x-ray equipment rental kits for your radiographic and radioscopic inspections.

X-Ray Systems Hot Swaps Rentals

We understand the importance of your machine availability. We put at your fingertips detectors, generators, and tubes rentals to hot swap on your x-ray system while your new spare is shipped or your current equipment is repaired at our facilities. Detectors, generators, and tube Hot Swaps are available for a wide range of Waygate industrial x-ray systems including:

  • V|tome|x S240
  • V|tome|x M300
  • V|tome|x C450
  • V|tome|x L
  • Microme|x Neo
  • Nanome|x Neo
Portable Industrial X-ray Generators

Seifert ERESCO portable industrial X-ray generators are designed for reliability in some of the world's toughest conditions and are now available for rentals.

Computed Radiography Industrial Scanners

Our CRxFlex™ & CRxVision™ industrial CR scanners are available as rentals at selected locations around the world. Designed specifically for nondestructive testing (NDT), they deliver better efficiency, performance, throughput, and image quality than any other system in today's NDT market.

Related Products & Services
DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors

Our DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors provide the pixel resolution required for precision imaging. These wireless detectors can distinguish the fine details for critical applications.

dynamic 41|100

The dynamic 41|100 is the first 100 µm, 16M pixel detector designed and optimized exclusively for rough and high-energy industrial X-ray applications to its radiography and CT customers.

Seifert ISOVOLT Titan|neo

The Seifert ISOVOLT Titan|neo stationary x-ray generator powers radiographic inspection technology for highest accuracy applications to optimize outputs and inspect multiple parts daily.

Industrial X-Ray Machines, Tubes and Generators

Get the most accurate, consistent results with Seifert X-ray installations, tubes, and generators from Waygate Technologies. Our entire line of stationary and radiography testing, portable X-ray inspection solutions is designed to deliver fast and reliable results And they’re built to last — no matter the inspection environment.

Digital Radiography

Our high-resolution Digital Radiography (DR), Computed Radiography (CRxFlex and CRxVision), Film Scanning (FS) equipment and next-generation digital image processing software enables more accurate inspections and higher throughput while reducing costs and environmental impact. From turbine blades to corrosion and weld applications, conduct more inspections in less time, reduce equipment and repair costs, and improve productivity.

How do NDT equipment rentals work?

To mitigate downtime, we work to ship your rental equipment fast. For more information contact your local service manager or open a support case at remoteservice@bakerhughes.com.

Can I rent a unit while mine is being repaired?

Rental units are available at a discounted rate whilst your unit is being repaired. To qualify, a valid RMA number needs to be presented. Rental units are available at selected regional rental offices.

Can I rent while my purchased unit is being shipped?

Rentals units are available at a discounted rate whilst your new unit is manufactured and shipped. Rental units are available at selected regional rental offices.

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Technical Support

Our team of experts are committed to answering your technical support questions and providing you with the support you need. They are available to assist you anytime.

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Equipment Repairs

When equipment needs servicing, we'll get it back to you faster – and make sure the job is done right.

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Advanced Inspection Solutions

With our highly-trained personnel and our broad product portfolio, we are able to respond to your problems and find a custom solution.

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With online and in person training, we can help you perform next level inspections.

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