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Inspection and NDT solutions for the automotive industry

Waygate Technologies offers industry-leading solutions for the rigorous quality requirements of the automotive industry — from castings and composites to weld and bond seam inspection to general electronics, sensors and battery scanning. Bring fast, accurate, cost-effective NDT solutions to the floor of your plant.

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We help bring fast, accurate, cost-effective NDT solutions to the floor of your plant.

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Evolution of the traditional car

Automotive industry has seen a shift from manufacturing cars, to manufacturing computers with engines on wheels ... This opens new set of risks and challenges.

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New era of EV and Hybrids

When going from internal combustion engines to hybrid and electric vehicles, major components, equipments and their corresponding supply chain is affected.

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Speed and quality

The need to keep up with the high demand of vehicles out the door requires defects to be low, and defect detection to be quick.

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A data thread across the value chain is becoming increasingly important ... From raw materials to completed vehicle, tracing at every step will be key for tax credits, traceability of faults, etc.


From castings and composites to weld and bond seam inspection to general electronics, sensors and battery scanning

NDT for Automotives Applications revised 1_25_21


Collaborating with some of the world's most prominent partners in the automotive industry to deliver peace of mind

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Waygate Technologies & Heitec PTS combine know-how

Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, and HEITEC PTS GmbH combine their know-how to offer automated and customized industrial X-ray and CT inspection solutions together.


Technologies made for your industry challenges

Additive Parts

Today’s manufacturers are creating more complex parts than ever before — making inspections more challenging. Our industrial non-destructive testing solutions give manufacturers the ability to inspect and measure these complicated components and assemblies at the speed of production, so innovation can keep marching forward.


Li-ion batteries are among the most powerful energy storage devices commonly used in portable electronic devices, stationary power sources and electric vehicles. Our broad portfolio of premium radiography systems supports not only R&D as well as the post-mortem analysis of defective li-ion batteries to analyze the means of failure, but also fast CT inspection providing safe and secure production control with a reliable inspection of all vital parts.

Bond Seams

Inspect glue lines and seams on automotive body panels with confidence and convenience. Waygate Technologies' offers ultrasonic flaw detectors, scanners, accessories and software that are just as precise as they are easy to use, as well as industrial radiography solutions that offer an ideal balance of inspection accuracy and speed.

Cast Parts

We help automotive manufacturers achieve faster product ramp up times, optimize production processes and improve product quality with a range of advanced industrial NDT solutions. From our trusted and easy-to-use Krautkrämer lab tanks, to precise industrial radiography and CT inspection and metrology solutions, to remote visual inspection equipment with the best in class image quality, more accurate, efficient cast parts inspections are possible. 

Data Management & Analytics

When time is your most valuable asset, we want to help you make the most of it. Our InspectionWorks Software Platform helps you transform inspections from a necessary cost to a critical flow of data enabling better product design and optimization.

Electronics and Sensors

For the highest level of confidence in your electronics and sensor inspections, we have developed the most advanced industrial radiography systems to help you uncover even the smallest of defects. This includes nano- and micro-focus non-destructive automated X-ray inspection (AXI), as well as automated inline CT inspection solutions to improve productivity and quality on the production floor. 


Waygate Technologies can help you achieve reduced weld inspection times, while increasing the probability of detection. With a range of solutions from versatile, ergonomic ultrasonic inspection tools that provide documentation of inspection results right on the device to our video borescopes with the highest image quality available, it's never been easier to get fast and accurate weld inspections you can feel confident about.

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