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Inspection and NDT solutions for research and development

Since the detection of X-rays 125 years ago, Waygate Technologies has been on the cutting edge of nondestructive testing solutions for laboratories and academic study. We’ve pioneered technologies including nanofocus X-ray tubes, micro- and nano-computed tomography, and ultrasonic inspection. Leading scientists around the globe, in fields from materials science to geology to archaeology, rely on our superior imaging capabilities to make the invisible visible.

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Technologies made for your industry

Materials Science
Industrial Research and Development

Materials Inspection

Waygate Technologies provides experts in the field of materials science and engineering with the tools they need to make the invisible visible. High-resolution computed tomography is used for analyzing materials, composites, ceramics and powders, but also for geological, archaeological or biological samples. Materials distribution, voids and cracks are visualized three-dimensionally at microscopic resolution.

Industrial Research and Development Inspection

Waygate Technologies provides industrial research and development practitioners with solutions for design, in-process inspection and final inspection. By quickly revealing vulnerabilities, our advanced computer tomography inspection systems and ultrasonic immersion tanks can generate faster learnings and decrease time to market.

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