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Mentor UT RotoArray phased array ultrasonic inspection device


Krautkramer Ultrasonic Probes & Transducers

We manufacture a wide variety of reliable phased array probes and transducers for many applications. Eliminate the need for multiple inspections with fixed angle and focus options available, and reduce setup and scan times with our immersion or delay line probes built for scanning larger areas. Use our probes with Mentor UT for the best performance, or with other instruments. When used with Mentor UT, transducers with the Dialog feature recognize the physical connection and automatically download transducer information to the device.

Phased Array Probes Types
  • General Use Probes
  • Weld Inspection Probes
  • Corrosion Probes
  • Composite Inspection Probes
  • Immersion Probes
  • Thin Plate Inspection Probes
  • Bolt Inspection Probes
Industry Applications
  • Power Industry: General weld inspection, austenitic welds, pressure vessels and piping, turbine blades and rotors
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Pipeline girth welds, tanks, general weld inspection
  • Aerospace Industry: Weld inspection, landing gear, composite delamination and disbond
  • Automotive Industry: Axles, shafts, spindles, brake discs, wheels, 
  • General Applications: Welds, forgings, castings, plate, bar,  tubular goods, in-line thickness measurement, bridges and structures


We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

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Ultrasonic Probes: A Competitive Analysis

As the world leader in NDT, we believe a name is only as meaningful as the results it delivers.

After all, when you’re out in the field and need the most efficient and reliable data from your probes, you can’t leave anything up to chance. This comparative analysis will showcase three of our ultrasonic probes and measure their performance capabilities against our leading competitor’s counterparts. Download our analysis to ensure you never have to second-guess your first choice.

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General Use Probes

Our portfolio of general use phased array probes are a reliable choice for a wide range of applications, with 3 different connector types available for sector scanning or linear scanning. Use with wedges, delay lines or wear caps.

phased array probe, phased array transducer, general use probes
Weld Inspection Probes

We offer a range of weld inspection probes, including small footprint weld probes and integral wedge probes. The small contact area on our small footprint probes fits on standard single element MSWS wedges—comparable to standard single element MSWS probes with phased array capabilities. And our integral wedge probes are durable and ergonomically designed with a die-cast housing, similar to conventional probes—allowing for easy transfer from conventional to phased array inspection with existing mechanics and probe holders that can be reused.

phased array probes, wedge probe, ultrasonic weld inspection, ultrasonic testing, ndt
Corrosion Probes

Our corrosion probes offer unprecedented near surface resolution, with an optimum test range of 1.9 mm (0.075“) to 25.4 mm (1“) on steel. They come with adjustable wear bars and are available with 3 different connectors.

phased array probes, corrosion probe, ultrasonic testing, ndt
Composite Inspection Probes

We offer several reliable composite inspection probes, including our RotoArray, offering excellent acoustic performance in any altitude including overhead, water wedge probes, immersion probes, thin plate inspection probes and bolt inspection probes.

phased array probes, composite ultrasonic inspection, aircraft composite inspection
Immersion Probes

Our immersion probes are acoustically matched for the highest level of efficiency in water. They are waterproof and fixture mountable for fast inspection of large areas. And, the near wall design allows close access to edge of case (~1 mm).

phased array probes, immersion probes, immersion testing, ultrasonic testing
Thin Plate Probes

Our thin plate inspection probes offer high frequency, highly damped arrays for near surface and small defect inspections. They’re acoustically matched to water/delay material, with a rugged waterproof design.

phased array probes, ultrasonic plate transducer, ultrasonic testing
Bolt Inspection Probes

Our bolt inspection probes are a best choice to yield high-quality results and strong PoD for the detection of defective areas in threaded bolts. This is crucial to reducing construction failures and potential liabilities. The protective membrane enables steady coupling on rough surfaces, and they come available with multiple connector types.

phased array probes, bolt inspection, ultrasonic testing
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