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Our Customer Solution Centers


Each Customer Solutions Center (CSC) offers a rich opportunity for customers to experience the full breadth and depth of the Baker Hughes' product portfolio.

Baker Hughes' solutions are installed and fully functional within the CSC and also highlighted through demonstrations, industry maps, and customer testimonials. The CSC creates a hands-on experience connecting customers with Baker Hughes' ability to fuel the future and deliver for the health of the industry in ways never before imagined.

Customers can see first-hand how Baker Hughes'  solutions work together to maximize facility operations, enhance the value of equipment, enable successful expansion with on-time projects and lower long-term maintenance costs.

Next to demos, in-depth customer trainings and problem solving consulting our global CSCs also offer on-demand inspection services with latest Waygate Technologies NDT equipment such as RVI, Ultrasound, 2D X-ray, and 3D Computed Tomography for failure analysis and dimensional metrology. If you need inspection services performed with latest NDT equipment on an hourly or project base, you are invited to send or bring your samples to our NDT experts in our global CSCs.

In addition, you can get to know our Baker Hughes Industrial Internet Solutions. The Industrial Internet is changing the way we manage and maximize global economic output. Combining brilliant machines with big data analytics enables valuable asset and operational insights in ways never before possible.


We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

Our Customer Solutions Center Locations
Pangyo, Korea

The Pangyo, Korea CSC offers best-in-class X-Ray CT inspection, in-house inspection services and consulting and training led by Baker Hughes' experts.

Cincinnati, USA

The 26,000 square foot Cincinnati CSC was developed to better support customers for non-destructive testing needs. The facility provides a heightened experience for customers in three specific areas:

  • World-class inspection services at the scale of a production facility
  • Application development and qualification testing for customers and partners
  • Customer demos and world-class training
Munich, Germany
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The Munich/Bavaria CSC features industrial mini-, micro- and nanofocus 2D X-ray inspection and 3D Computed Tomography services and sales advisory services for the wide phoenix|x-ray X-ray inspection and CT solutions portfolio

Shanghai & Shenzen, China

To serve Chinese customers at zero distance, we have built two Customer Solution Centers (CSCs) in Shanghai Hongqiao and Shenzhen Songshan Lake. The latest, most advanced and most comprehensive X-ray inspection systems of our product line have been installed in these two CSCs.

Ahrensburg (Hamburg), Germany

The Ahrensburg CSC offers services that include X-ray inspection, which is specialized for parts from automotive, aerospace, Oil & Gas and casting industry, fast CT scans, DR and CR for digital imaging.

Our Customer Solutions Center Locations Ahrensburg
Wunstorf, Germany

The Wunstorf CSC offers customers world's widest range of professional X-ray services performed with phoenix|x-ray systems such as X-ray inspection and industrial Computed Tomography (CT) services, training and expert technical support.

Bangalore, India

The Bangalore CSC offers Baker Hughes' radiographic X-ray solutions including advanced computed tomography (CT) equipment, the advanced computed radiography scanner CRxVision and CRxFlex, portable DXR digital detector arrays, and also an ultrasound immersion tank system. The new centre is permanently staffed by applications engineers, who are experts in the various inspection technologies and can provide advice and help in their application.

Pasadena, Texas, US (Technology Solution Center)

When the project is big and time matters, you need equipment ready and in working order. That's why the experts choose Baker Hughes' Pasadena Technology Solutions Center for measurement, sensing and inspection hardware. 

Our 30,000 sq ft. facility in the heart of the Houston ship channel stocks have the parts, repair capability and rental equipment to keep you up and running. 

Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo, Japan CSC features world-class industrial 3D CT technology to electrics, batteries, automotive, aerospace, aviation and 3D printing ... from R&D labs to Production floors.

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Munich, Germany - Waygate Technologies newest Customer Solutions Center



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