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Inspection and NDT solutions for the manufacturing industry

Today’s manufacturers are creating more complex parts than ever before — making inspections more challenging. Waygate Technologies’ industrial non-destructive testing solutions give manufacturers the ability to inspect and measure these complicated components and assemblies at the speed of production, so innovation can keep marching forward.

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Technologies made for your industry

Additive Manufacturing
Cast Parts
Plastics Engineering
Assembly Control
Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Inspection

Additive manufacturing enables the creation of more complex parts than ever before. Fortunately, there is one technique ready to inspect and measure complex internal structures that can’t be seen by any other non-destructive testing method: industrial CT.

Advanced CT enables design optimization, component validation and quality control for additive manufactured parts at the speed of production. Waygate Technologies’ CT systems combine the power of advanced healthcare components and unique high throughput technologies to create and analyze volumetric data sets of the as-built component with the speed and accuracy to support needs ranging from prototyping to production.

Cast Parts Inspection

Especially for security-relevant automotive and aerospace components such as turbine blades, getting the most precise inspections isn't just ideal – it's critical. Waygate Technologies offers a range of solutions for cast part inspections from high-powered industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT) systems that allow you to measure and control with just one scan, to easy-to-use modular ultrasonic immersion tanks and portable video borescopes with the highest HD image quality in the market today.

Plastics Engineering Inspection

In plastics engineering, high-resolution CT technology is used to optimize the casting and spraying process by detecting contraction cavities, blisters, weld lines and cracks, and to analyze flaws. Precision 3D metrology is also an important tool for non-destructive measurement of internal geometries of precision die moldings as well as medical assemblies. X-ray computed tomography systems from Waygate Technologies provide three-dimensional images of object characteristics such as grain-flow patterns, filler distribution and fiber distribution and orientation as well as of low-contrast defects for the highest level of confidence in your plastics inspections.

Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Inspection

Remote visual inspection with video borescopes has become an industry standard for high purity piping weld inspections and clean-in-place inspections. However, the level of inspection image quality is critically important to the level of confidence you have in your results. Waygate Technologies offers a range of video borescopes with the very best image quality available today, built for both simple and complicated inspections. Combined with ergonomic product design and modern features that make these devices easy to use for any inspector, ensuring quality, safety and meeting FDA regulations is easier than ever.

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