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Industrial X-Ray Inspection by Waygate Technologies

At our global Customer Solutions Centers (CSC), we provide you on-demand use of our proven, state-of-the-art, non-destructive X-ray 2D and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) scanning x-ray inspection technologies services and access to our staff of experienced experts. You can access the most reliable industrial CT scanning and industrial radiographic testing inspection services for plastics, composites, castings, additively manufactured parts, ceramics, electronics, batteries, and more. Our CSCs help customers ensure the safety, quality, integrity, and consistency of parts and products while catalyzing production improvements and accelerating research and development processes and innovations.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety, and productivity.

GE's digital X-ray detector for industrial radiography inspections
Our Customer Solutions Center Locations

Each Customer Solutions Center (CSC) offers a rich opportunity for customers to experience the full breadth and depth of Waygate Technologies' product portfolio

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Inspection services include

X-ray and CT for any application

Get the most reliable inspections for plastics and composites, metals, additive parts, and 3D measurements, ceramics, electronics, batteries, CAD comparisons, and more. 

Customer training

Advance your inspection knowledge with our certified RT instructors, from advanced techniques for image quality and protocol improvement to radiography and CT fundamentals.

Inspections by the hour, scan, or project

Access the latest premium X-ray and CT inspection technology at our worldwide Customer Solutions Center locations with flexible, cost-effective CT scans, 3D analysis, and metrology. We are available whether you need to inspect a single sample part or a large volume batch.

Consultative services

Collaborate with our onsite NDT experts to design tailored radiography solutions and workflows for your unique applications, new materials, and other inspection challenges.


Customer challenges we help solve

No in-house CT system?
Improper in-house CT system for sample size or other criteria?
Constrained inspection capacity and/or urgent spikes in volume?
  • Use our inspection scanning services at any one of our global CSCs to ensure the safety, quality, integrity, and consistency of your parts and products
​​​​​Difficult or unique inspection challenges?
  • Let our experts help you with a fresh set of eyes, eyes with decades of inspection experience
​​​​​​Multi-national operations that require inspection at additional/remote locations?
  • Our global network has you covered with a CSC convenient to your inspection needs

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How you will benefit

Advance your inspection knowledge on multiple levels with our certified CT instructors. Our training spans advanced techniques for image quality and protocol improvement for high productivity and output gains to radiography and CT fundamentals and basic system operation.

Turn your skilled operators into experts quickly with dedicated CT scanning training modules for R&D, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Production. Get the most from your non-destructive testing (NDT). Our experts customize training whether you are implementing your first Phoenix|x-ray systems, enhancing your existing system, or solving a challenging inspection task.

Via collaboration with our experienced staff, you can design custom-tailored radiography solutions and workflows for your unique applications, demands, and operational parameters.

Waygate Technologies - Lifetime Solutions

Lifetime Solutions

Our service solutions provide state-of-the art support through the lifecycle of our equipment. 

From installation to dismantling, our team provides both proactive and predictive services as well as long-term performance optimization to maximize the outcomes for your operation. 

What types of inspection services do you offer?

2D X-ray inspection resulting in radiographic images / 3D CT inspection resulting in volumes allowing you to visualize your part from any virtual section

What kind of parts can be inspected using your technology?

Due to the high versatility of our products and large available machinery we can perform analyses on your powder for 3D printed parts, as well as checking your cylinder heads for cracks

Is there a specific limit on sample size or weight?

Max. object size ø1300 mm x 2000 mm

Max. weight 300 kg

What materials can be inspected?

Generally speaking all materials in a solid state can be inspected. High density material or large wall thickness may need higher energy to be penetrated. Please get in touch with us to find the optimal solution

Where are you located?

Our global Customer Solution Centers are located in Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Korea, UK and USA

What results do you provide?

We can provide e.g. volume files of your parts for self-evaluation, images, videos, measurements or reports based on your needs

How accurate are the results?

The achievable resolution and resulting voxelsize depends on partsize and can be optimized by defining the inspection goal together with our engineers to find the best fitting solution for you

What are the benefits of conducting inspection services?

Gain in-depth knowledge of your parts without destroying it using state-of-the-art NDT technology. Ensure the safety, quality, integrity and consistency of parts and products. Enable production improvements and accelerate your development process

How can we optimize our outputs and enhance our CT knowledge

With training and consultancy services customized to your needs, we can give you the tools and expertise  to drive your CT results and productivity. Our experienced instructors get your new operators up to speed quickly, with 2D X-ray and computed tomography CT scanning training modules for R&D, manufacturing, engineering, and production.

2D and 3D X-ray Inspection Services

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