Shanghai and Songshan Lake (Shenzen) Customer Solutions Center

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As a global non-destructive testing technology company, Baker Hughes Inspection Technology provides quality assurance and control for the global high-tech industry. To serve Chinese customers at zero distance, we have built two Customer Solution Centers (CSCs) in Shanghai Hongqiao and Shenzhen Songshan Lake. The latest, most advanced and most comprehensive X-ray inspection systems of our product line have been installed in these two CSCs.


1st  Floor, Block C, NO.388 Fu Quan North Road, Chang Ning District, Shanghai 200336, China

CSC Building Shanghai
Songshan Lake (Shenzen)

1st  Floor, Block 2, Yan Fa Wu Road, Songshan Lake, Dongguan, 523808, Guangdong Province, China

SSH CSC Building

CSC SSH X-ray inspection system fleet

2D and CT Inspection System Fleet

We have 8 inspection systems in Shanghai CSC and 7 inspection systems in Songshan Lake CSC. The installed systems can cover almost the entire product line. 

Video Camera CT

2D and CT X-ray Inspection Capability

We can provide inspection services and on-site demonstration experience for samples including chips with micro-defects, large automobile engine shells, metal castings, etc. to meet customers’ requirements for 2D inspection and CT scanning applications.

x-ray inspection

CT Metrology X-ray Inspection

In order to meet customers’ requirements for precise measurement of internal and external dimensions of parts, both of the CSCs have built Professional CT Metrology Laboratories, and have installed the world's first 300kV micro CT system the v|tome|x m. This CT system has been equipped with Scatter|correct scatter artifact correction technology and the unique dynamic 41 high contrast detector, the metrology accuracy can reach (3.8 + L / 100) µm.

Location-Specific Product Offerings

Songshan Lake